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Mistress Talks About Big Dildos

Mammoth Dildos

Hi, everyone! Hope this finds you all well and your summer off to a great start. I’ve decided that this summer I am going to try some new things. To start, an extreme sizedMistress gets fucked with BIG dildos! dildo. Whether you call them “huge,” “extreme,” “monster” or just fucking BIG, taking one of those big dicks was one of the first things on my summer must try list.
Now, I make no secret of the fact I like a big dick. Also not a secret, I like sex toys, big toys! (well, really, all toys – lol) Another fact I make no secret of, I like porn. Ok, I love porn. I watch it on my own, I watch it while on calls, and I watch it with the man who happens to be my favorite viewing partner. And that is how I was introduced to the extreme size dildos.

Dildo Decisions

The man loves watching extreme/huge dildo videos. It’s one of his favs. We’ve always played with toys, so it didn’t take much convincing for me to try one. Funny thing, one turned into three. Finding the perfect fit is important! Just call me Mistress Goldielocks, with red hair – lol.

The dildo on the left is the largest and was the first one I ordered. I kind of bit off more than I could chew. It’s not just huge, and I mean bigger than my forearm big, it’s heavy. Couldn’t take it out of the gate. Not to be discouraged, I simply needed a “warm up toy”. So, I ordered the one in the middle. I have nicknamed it “boyfriend sized,” and it is loads of fun to play with, but it is not big enough as a “warm up toy”. So, you guessed it, I got another. And this time, just like Goldielocks, I got it right. It is not only the perfect warm up toy for the biggest one, it’s simply the perfect dildo. I’ve used it as a warm up and solo, riding it and using my Hachi. I also had it used on me. And I have had my ass fucked while riding it. It has quickly become my fav. (the man’s, too – lol) Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy the other two. Still need a warm up for that big fucker (and a drink or two), but I can take it now!

My first new thing of the summer has been a home run!

What’s on your summer must try list?



Until next time!

Ms Kay Marie




3 comments to Mistress Talks About Big Dildos

  • Mistress Kay-Marie I say give all 3 of them a try!Be fun to see You making me gag like a fag on each one of them as You give me a force feeding of dildo dicks!Or even see just how far I can take them one at a time into my little sissy pussy!~Sissy Smiles~ 🙂

    Love – Stu! XOXOXO 🙂

  • Michael

    When I was in college I would periodically find myself in a dorm room with two or more girls and their conversation would turn to male endowment size. Not being particularly confident in that area I would want to sink into the floor frightened that the discussion might get directed toward me. I’d pretend I was thinking about something else or pick up a book or something hoping they would not notice me. I was also a bit surprised when I saw the size of some dildos out there – big in my view. Whether it is real guy in the locker room or a dildo in a shop window it is intimidating. I have often felt most women are “size queens”.

  • Goddess Mandy

    Ohhhhhh Ms. Kay….I love your new toys! Well, most especially the really big mammoth one! I’m glad it’s YOUR fave and your man’s fave as well! How great that you’ve decided to try some new things this summer and even better that your first new thing ended up being a home run…YAY for you, Ms. Kay!!! 🙂

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