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Holiday Pass The Penis Challenge Part 2

Holiday Pass The Penis Challenge Part 2

Happy WInterfest

Happy WInterfest

Ms. Kay Marie put the first part of this pass the penis winterfest challenge over on my beg for mistress blog. She wrote The REASON for this challenge, and teased you with some things that might happen to you. But since this sexy penis passing involves Ms. Delia, of course you knew there would be some denial!

More to the Winterfest Challenge Song

Mistresses also offered a sexy stocking teasing, fruitcake fucking, naughty phone sex calls, and most of all TWO hanging blue balls before you are allowed to lube up your cock, and stroke for your Mistresses! Oh yes, you did not think there would be a challenge without some denial, blue balls, and perhaps some edging before you were allowed to orgasm!

The Challenge

Ms. Kay Marie and I will be Passing the Penis you around to finish off your walk through the kinky wonderland.

  1. Choose three of your favorite activities from the list of twelve offered in the winterfest song. There IS a catch to this choosing! You can NOT cum, so you will have to be creative
    Masturbation for Mistress Delia

    Beg for Mistress Delia

    if eating cum (you must have stored cum) and there will be no lubing or stroking freestyle until the last day!

  2. You must do one activity each day. One example of a combination will be to cage your cock up by doing chastity or chastity by will, then a prostate milking the next day, and a spanking on the third day.
  3. You need to report your choices and results in the blog comments.
  4. On New Yearís Eve, you may lube up, stroke and cum.

Can you do it? Can you handle extreme cock teasing? Remember, we want you to have a nice pair of blue balls, so strive for that! Ache for us.

Beg for Mistress Delia and letís bring in the New Year with an orgasm together. Heck, it might be the ONLY one I give you in 2015!

4 comments to Holiday Pass The Penis Challenge Part 2

  • nonchefjohn

    This a perfect ma’am

  • kneel cc

    You know Mistress, i am so often late to the party. i wish i had read this about the 27th or 28th of Dec, instead of late on this even day, 30 Dec.

    Yet, alas! i think we had our last session only two days ago which consisted of much “Hard Mistress Spanking!” 😀

    But You did grant some special permissions for before bedtime…Does that disqualify me from participating? It is a fact that both 31 Dec and 1 Jan are odd days, and You both know what that means for me…Perhaps i can perceive my groveling, begging, and pleading as i promise to meet Your challenge over the next four or five days until or next session. i do have a cage, freezer supply, silk stockings, and can pickup some cupcakes and fruit cake. 😉

  • Oh, this is awesome Ms. Delia (and Ms. Kay) I love that you two decided to tie the Winterfest song and our Winter Wonderland series into your Pass the Penis plans… makes things even more interesting!

  • LOL! Oh, what a fabulous tease! I love it! (And strokers—take note: When Ms. Delia says that orgasm might be the ONLY one she allows in 2015, she means it—ESPECIALLY if you’re one of her denial pets 🙂 ) I really do want to know how many of our sweet subbies are able to complete the Winterfest challenge, there are only a few hours to go—and a wish them luck!

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