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Mistress Talks About Being Back


 Miss me much??

Miss me much??

Hi, Everyone! It has been way too long. I have missed you all. Hope this finds you well. I am doing great and so happy to be back. Yes, I am back. I took some time to relocate to a new city, Oh and do I have some stories to tell you. But first, let me catch you all up on a few things.

Like I said, I have recently moved to a new city. I’m still in the same general part of the country. And although it is only three cities away it’s like being on a new planet. Completely different life. Now, moving typically doesn’t take months. However, I renovated my new house before I moved. When I say renovated ~ I mean total gut job. Put it this way ~ the address stayed the same, and that is about it. I spent a lot of my time going back and forth between my two houses for a couple of months. I will say, I did enjoy telling dozens of men what to do every day! (I have a knack for that ~ just saying) But it was a lot of work and took a lot of time.

It hasn’t been all work and no play for Ms. Kay. I have completely immersed myself into my new locale. New City ~ new sins. My favorite place ~ my new country club. State of the art facilities with all the amenities. And staffed with a yummy assortment of hot young men that want nothing more than to serve the membership. And serve well they do    ~ you will be hearing a lot about them.

One last thing, I have brought back my show on CockRadio, Happy Hour. Couldn’t wait to get back to chilling out with my friends for an hour each week. Make sure you join in the chat room at and listen in on Spreaker Monday nights at 10 pm EST.

It’s good to be back.

Until next time (and it won’t be long this time)

Ms. Kay Marie

5 comments to Mistress Talks About Being Back

  • Welcome back Ms. Kay! I am sure that there are many little subbies that are just vibrating with excitement at the thought of hearing your sexy voice again! I wish you luck in your new city – I have relocated myself a few times in the last decade and I always have so much fun exploring a new area. And I’m thrilled that your sexy show will be returning, too!

  • Welcome back, MILF Mistress! Things just haven’t been the same without you. So glad to hear things have been going well with the renos. It takes a very strong personality to keep those work crews on the job. I bet they spent more time gawking at you than focusing on drywall. Better make sure those countertops are on straight. Lots of daydreaming about bending you over them I’m sure. Hehehehe

  • Dear Ms. Kay, so glad you are back and I’m sure all your listeners will be thrilled that you will be spending Happy Hour time with them! I hope your renovation went well. As Empress Alexis mentioned, I’m sure that you kept your crew in line–men love to serve a beautiful feminine Mistress like yourself! Lucky boys!

    xo Audrey

  • Mistress Amber

    Well! I missed the living fuck out of you, my dear! So glad to see you back and hoping that we have some sexy calls together soon! Moving sucks, so I feel you there. Just glad that things are straightened out and you can get back to all the naughty fun that you were missing!

  • Mistress Kay-Marie welcome back!Yes we did miss you such an great BIG whole bunch!Everyone in the Enchantrix Empire Social Site is buzzing with excitement now that you’re back here with us!We did miss also your Cock Radio Show & now it’s back also and were all looking forward to all of the sexy fun we can have together in the Community Kink Chat Room while you’re talking to us on Cock Radio!~BIG Sissy Grinz!~ 🙂

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