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Mistress Talks About Over Cum Eating During the Holidays

Holiday Hugs, Ms Kay

Hi Everyone and Happy Holidays! Tis the season for everything to excess and I love it! Lots of time spent doing what we love most. And the food – OMG the food! It wouldn’t be the holidays if we all didn’t overeat some! And for you hungry cum eaters ~ this means you too. I think that it is the season for overeating!!

I started thinking about this the week or so before Christmas. One of my hungriest of cum eaters called and just couldn’t stop thinking about the next time that appetite would be satisfied. So I simply asked ~ why are you waiting until your regular Friday night trip to the glory hole?? It’s the holidays! You need to indulge over. If sissies can buy new frilly panties in festive colors and chronic masturbators can play jerk off game, then cum eaters can over eat. As a matter of fact, I think they have to!!! LOL

As we dash to get in all the last minute festivities of the season before the New Year’s resolutions start to get broken ~ here’s a last minute “must do” list for all you cum eaters ( and want to be cum eaters too!) If you haven’t eaten your cum – you have to! No excuses – you have to do it. If you normally eat your cum from a cup or saucer try it straight from the source…. SUCK A DICK!! Already a cock sucker ~ do it more! Seriously!! Over cum eat on every level. If you eat your own, do it more! It’s the holidays, and your Mistress says to indulge! Trust me ~ there are always dicks that want to be sucked – lol. Oh, and for those of you who like to play with your food, add cum to everything and eat up. Your drink, your lunch, your dessert. Eat til your heart’s content! Tis the season for nonstop eating!!

Until next time!

Holiday Hugs,
Ms. Kay Marie



2 comments to Mistress Talks About Over Cum Eating During the Holidays

  • Goddess Mandy

    Yes, yes, yes, Ms. Kay Marie…over cum-eating that is just sooooooo perfect!!! And you’re right, tis the season to overindulge on all food and drink…we ALL do it! So I second it all…”over cum eat on every level” you can’t go wrong!!! And yes, Ms. Kay Marie you are so very right….there always are dicks that want to be sucked, lol! 🙂

  • Yes! I love the idea of telling all of our cum eaters that it’s okay to over-indulge during the holidays (or really any time!) I can just imagine a little cum-lapper holding his tummy thinking that he couldn’t possibly eat another drop…and then going back for more! And the best part of January is hearing all of the over-eating confessions! xo

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