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Masturbation May

Hi Everyone! Happy Masturbation May! I know I am a little late to the celebration, but that doesn’t mean I am going to let the month end without a little nod (stroke – tug – pull – rub) to the celebration of Masturbation May.  

I hate to admit this but sometimes masturbating can be a little of the same old same old. We all know what we like and what gets us off.  I am not trying to reinvent the wheel here, but in honor of Masturbation May, I am saying we should all try something new. Here are some of my favorite suggestions. 

  • Switch positions or hands. If you are a righty go lefty (or better yet flat palmed) Try standing or kneeling instead of just lying in bed or sitting in a chair. 
  • Add a toy. Ok, you all know how much I love love love toys. And when it comes to toys, I love to share that love lol. Whether it is a vibrator or cock sleeve or something else entirely ~ toys always add to the fun.
  • Get a partner. I have to tell you; mutual masturbation is one of my favorite things. I like to be watched. I like to watch. Oh and the dirty talk…. If you don’t have a partner or yours isn’t willing – reach out to a Mistress for a guided masturbation session. 
  • Put a little ass into it. Maybe even more than toys, I love anal play, and I’m not talking just sex.  Add a little anal stimulation to your masturbating. Try a plug, bounce on a dildo, figure your ass as you stroke or if you don’t want to penetrate just add a little pressure around the outside.  Trust me – you’ll love it! 
  • Change the channel. If you like to keep it simple. You just want to watch porn and get off; I get it. I’ve done it myself. Switch what type of porn you watch. I just love the amateurs! 
  • Edge! You don’t have to deny yourself but don’t rush to get off. Edge yourself a few times. I assure you, your patience will be rewarded.

As Masturbation May comes to an end give something new a try. Maybe we can call June Jerk Off June and make it through the whole list? What do you think?? 

If you have a suggestion of your own or have given one of mine a try ~ I want to hear about it!! 

Until next time! 


Ms. Kay Marie

1 comment to Masturbation May

  • Trying something new to make masturbating more exciting is a must, Ms. KayMarie. I think ass play with a toy is highly underestimated. There are many men out there that don’t know how much it can intensify the feeling as you stroke. Yeah…let’s go ahead and extend things into jerk off June!

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