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Check out my summer schedule!

Mistress Kay Marie

When can you reach me??

Frankly I do not have a set schedule lol HOWEVER I have a general schedule. Monday – Friday on & off 9am -11pm. No I am not available that entire time. I am not available overnight. Weekends are kind of  “catch me if you can”. I usually sign in or am available at some point but since it’s subject to change ~ I might get an invite or want to binge watch something I hate to make a set schedule.

Happy Hour on CockRadio – Tuesday’s at 8pm EST

Catch me on Cock Radio at 8PM EST. Join the chat room and

Appointments and Requests

There are times I am not signed in for calls but I am happy to schedule an appointment or take a request. During these times I am not always available for Skype – so please check first. You may email me to schedule an appointment or ask your lovely dispatcher to contact me for a request. If I can, I am happy to do so. However, please keep in mind, I do not schedule appointments or take requests between 11pm and 7am EST.


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE – I can not stress this enough – do not plan a Skype session without confirming with me first. Don’t just send a message while you are calling in – wait for me to reply. I am not always available for Skype. If you are a new friend to me on Skype please know ~ I will not accept your request if I have not done a session with you or we do not have any mutual friends. If you call me on Skype without a session or permission – I will block you. No exceptions.





*please remember all times are EST

I have been asked about early morning appointments or wake up calls.  I am available for these only for a small window of time in the morning during the week.  Please contact me.

If you have something on your mind you would like to share prior to talking or would like to schedule an appointment, please feel free to email me at