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Hi there! Hope this finds you all well and ready for fall. It seems that the official kick-off to fall, even more so than tailgating and sweater weather is now the availability of anything and everything pumpkin spice flavored. From sweet to savory there are more pumpkin spice edibles than teams that play on Sunday. But I think the one that started it all is still the most popular ~ the pumpkin spice latte (or simply PSL to those in the know) 

I top a PSL with cinnamon ~ top yours with cum!


As you all know, especially if you listen to my CockRadio show Happy Hour (Tuesday Noon EST), I am quite the foodie.  I love the change of seasons and all the seasonal recipes. I am not personally a PSL fan, (I’m a coffee snob and a purist with my lattes lol). However,  it is very popular in my house. So the other morning when I was making my signature PSL (oh yeah I am an “all that MILF”)  all you cum eaters crossed my mind.  Why don’t you get on the seasonal bandwagon and add your cum to your PSL? Oh, not a latte lover? I assure you, there are numerous pumpkin spice flavored recipes out there. You could go old school and top your pumpkin pie, but I’m not excited by that. Maybe cookie bars? Waffles? Whatever you happen to have a taste for, in addition to cum that is!! The one rule, you have to make it or buy it just for the purpose to add cum to it. Oh, and I was to see it. 

I have already started thinking about what holiday recipes can be spiced up for some kinky cum eating LOL. I know all you cum sluts are already getting hungry thinking about it. 

Until next time ~ cheers! 


Ms. Kay Marie