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Anal Toys: Let’s Talk Ass Play

Anal Play Love

Hi, everyone! Happy New Year! Hope this finds you all well and excited for the new year! I wanted to have my first blog of 2018 be about one of my favorite topics – butt plugs. I hate to break it to all you ass sluts out there, but you are not the only ones that love plugs – this chick does too!This Mistress loves anal play! Bring on the butt plugs!

For me, my love with anal play started with a thumb. One thumb and I wanted more! Try as I might, I haven’t been able to find my first anal toy. I must have misplaced it in the move. It was an anal vibe with progressive beaded ribs. Think a combo of a vibrator and anal beads. I loved it. But what I loved most is when it was all the way in & filled me. So, I got my first butt plug.

Finding Just the Right Toy

My first one wasn’t much to talk about. It came in your basic intro to anal kit. (it’s the one pictured below on the left) The battery at least added a little weight to it. But it was small, and the stopper slipped off – oops! Then I got my next one – aptly named – the perfect plug (pictured on the right). Definitely a step up. Bigger – more solid – and very comfortable. I have worn it around my house. Stays in during sex – even while moving around. And, the vibe has some vroom to it if you know what I mean! However, I can honestly say my glass juicer (pictured in the center) is my fav. No, it does not vibrate. And no you are not going to wear it out under your clothes. But what it does have is weight. The size is great – fills you – but for me, the weight is what makes all difference. The best orgasm I have ever had was with it in while getting fucked from behind and having my clit played with. (yes, you hit all three, and that is what I call a TRIFECTA!)

What is your favorite anal toy? Share with Mistress!

Share Your Anal Play Experience

Now I am looking forward to trying out one of those remote app controlled plugs next. To me, the thought of someone controlling my plug remotely, say from their office, is just so erotic. It is on the top of my 2018 must do list! Do you have one? Have you tried it? I want to hear all about it. Don’t have one, but love your plug? I want to hear about that too! Don’t have a plug? Oh, sweetie, we so need to talk!

One more thing, getting fucked with a plug in is amazing. Fucking with one in is a must try! (even for you ass shy guys!) But that in a topic for another writing!

Until next time!

Ms. Kay Marie

3 comments to Anal Toys: Let’s Talk Ass Play

  • Sissy April Nicole

    My newest favorite is the suction cup mounted lubed it is aeesome o use ot in front of rear

  • Mistress Amber

    You really can’t underestimate the importance of finding the right anal toy, Miss Kaymarie! They’re just so exciting and they feel naughty to play with. Anything from a plug to a strap-on, it’s kinda hard to not want to get down and dirty with one of the sluts in LDW Land. And it’s good to see a solid ASS blog around here once in a while! Great post!

  • Of course this post is incredibly arousing to guys. Discovering that their beautiful Mistress enjoys dildos as much as they do is mind blowing. But what caught my attention was the fact that you misplaced your first dildo. My active imagination started wondering if you left it on the top shelf in your closet. Can you imagine the new occupant finding it and looking quite shocked. Or perhaps a professional moving company moved you and one of the guys spotted the dildo poking out of a box and took it as a souvenir of moving the hottest woman he had ever seen. Love it!

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