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One thing I really enjoy, but don’t often discuss in this blog is body worship. I think sometimes it gets overlooked in favor of flashier fantasies, but there’s really no better way to adore your Mistress than to worship her body. Don’t you think so?

I know I certainly think so. And it probably doesn’t hurt that I have a very nice body, either. As you all know, I work out very regularly and try to keep myself in the best shape possible. So that gives me a body that’s prime for worship. Wouldn’t you like to give it a try?

Two Types Of Body Worship Lovers

If we examine it a little more closely, we find that there are two types of body worship lovers. The first type enjoys a woman’s natural scents and flavors. The other prefers her straight out of the shower, without such strong scents and flavors. Now, there’s nothing wrong with either one. Whichever you prefer is perfectly fine. But it does help me to know which you do prefer so that I can have myself ready accordingly.

If you are the type who does like to take in the pure, unadulterated essence of a woman when you worship her, I can always have you worship me post-workout, pre-shower. Imagine me walking in from my workout, you waiting patiently for me on your knees by the door.

If you have a bit of a foot fetish, you’ll probably enjoy removing my shoes and socks for me. Foot worship on sweaty or even outright stinky feet can be very intense. You can use your tongue to get all the sock lint out from between my toes!

Continuing Your Worship Of Me

After you’ve made sure my feet have gotten plenty of attention, you can undress me the rest of the way for some more body worship fun. Work your way up slowly for me. I think a little leg worship should be the next thing on your list. My calves will probably be a little tight after a hard workout, so some gentle kisses and a light massage would not go unappreciated.

As you continue to make your way up, it’ll soon become time for ass and pussy worship. Of course, not every man wants to worship a pussy or an ass that are perhaps not 100% fresh from the shower. But that’s all right. It makes it that much more special for me when I find someone who does.

Bathing As Body Worship

Now, if you’re not comfortable with truly taking in the essence of a woman by doing body worship after a workout, that’s okay, too. What you can do is begin by worshipping my body by bathing it. You can draw me a hot bath, drop a bath bomb in it, and help me get nice and squeaky clean. I love having my hair washed and my back scrubbed!

Drying me off carefully with a towel counts as body worship, too. You get to touch every freshly-cleaned inch of me to get me dry. Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

Then, once you’ve got me bathed, dried, and lotioned up, you can go ahead and worship my body as you normally would. I’m sure the hot bath will help me relax, as will your touch and kisses.

So if you would like to experience some smoldering hot body worship with this Femdom Mistress, why not give me a call? I would love to hear from you and get to enjoy this lovely fetish with you, whether I’m dirty or clean when we do it!

Until next time!


Ms Kay Marie