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So I was talking with my friend, Mistress Autumn, the other day, and the subject of CBT came up. We started discussing our favorite methods of CBT and how we liked to torment cocks and balls for our own pleasure. A little snooping on her blog netted me exactly what I was looking for: Ms. Autumn’s favorite CBT tools. I enjoyed reading that post of hers so much that I was inspired to make my own post about CBT and some of the objects I like to use for it.

CBT Toys

As Ms. Autumn mentioned in her own post, CBT-specific toys are nice to have, especially if you’re a connoisseur of the fetish. But they’re not absolutely necessary, either. Many household objects can be made into the perfect tools for cock and ball torment. There’s also something about perverting regular items that’s exciting, too, though I can’t quite put my finger on why.

As for me, my favorite CBT tools are a wooden spoon and a strap. The wooden spoon is just a regular one used for cooking. (Although you might want to buy one especially for cock and ball play purposes, if you don’t want to cook with something you’ve been using on your genitals! It’s more sanitary that way, at any rate.) And the kind of strap I’m talking about is one that’s shorter and not as wide as a belt or another kind of strap you’d use on your bottom for spanking. It would be one more appropriately sized for your cock and balls.

Anyway, both of these things are relatively easy to lay your hands on for quick playtime. They make for a very entertaining time for me, too. And for you as well, if you’re a bit of a painslut!

Some Cock And Ball Spanking

Of course, both items I mentioned are useful for cock and ball spanking. Mix that with a little edging, maybe some JOI, too, and you’ve got yourself a really good time.

Much like Ms. Autumn says in her blog post that I linked above, I, too, enjoy mixing pleasure and pain together. It’s so much more potent with both than with just one or the other, I think. It creates a more intense experience and also a better memory of your playtime later.

How Do You Like Your Cock And Ball Torment?

What do you guys think about CBT? Is it something you like to incorporate into your stroking routine? Or is it something you’ve never tried before but are curious about? Some guys like to dabble in it occasionally, as a way to spice up the way they usually stroke, while others are really hardcore about their love for it!

My next question to you is this: Have you tried it? If so, what’s your favorite way of having your cock and balls tormented by a beautiful Mistress? And do you prefer your CBT sessions to be more sensual or more sadistic? I can go either way with that. If I think you need it to be more sensual, that’s what I do. If I think you’re a masochist with an itch to scratch, I can be more sadistic. It all just depends on who I’m playing with and what I think they need on a given day.

If you have a favorite CBT experience, I’d like to hear about it. As always, you can drop me a comment or give me a call to tell me all about it. I love hearing about different people’s experiences with different things, and this is no different.

Until next time!


Ms Kay Marie

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