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Hello to all the CFNM lovers out there! Today’s post is for you.

I have to admit, it was actually a blog by Ms. Sophia about a CFNM nurse roleplay that inspired me to make this post today. I really enjoyed reading about her perspective on the fetish and the way that she implemented it during the nurse roleplay.

A Fetish I Don’t Discuss Nearly Enough

So naturally, after I enjoyed reading Ms. Sophia’s post, I couldn’t help but start thinking about CFNM myself. It’s a fantasy that I do like a lot, but for some reason, don’t seem to blog about very much. I thought I’d try to do something to change that today. Hence, this post.

So tell me: What kind of fun CFNM roleplays do you enjoy? Is there one that you default to every time you fantasize about CFNM, or do you cycle through various scenarios in your mind each time?

Personally, I have several tried and true ones that I like a lot. Those are the ones I tend to go to. But that doesn’t mean I’m not willing to try out something new if someone suggests it. You know me, I’m up for most anything.

Medical Roleplays In Clothed Female, Naked Male Fantasies

Medical-type roleplays come up pretty often when it comes to these clothed female, naked male kinds of fantasies. Sophia’s idea, for instance, was great. And it only makes sense that medical roleplays are common for CFNM fantasies because where else besides a doctor’s office are you likely to have to (plausibly) remove your clothes for someone you’re not intimate with to see you? I’m sure there are some other places, but the doctor’s office is a reasonable one.

There are, of course, many other situations in which CFNM can happen. Imagine forgetting to lock the door in a changing room at a store. The saleslady thinks the room is empty and opens the door, and there you, standing naked as a jaybird in nothing but your socks! (Somehow, I feel still having your socks on is much more embarrassing than be fully nude!)

Really, though, any situation where you’re trapped somewhere naked would work. If your clothes are in another room and you have to get to them, all it takes is a little bad luck for it to turn into a CFNM situation!

CFNM By The Pool

Another good one is skinny-dipping. I like the idea of doing it at a pool, but you could also do it in any body of water, really. Imagine sliding out of your clothes and hopping in for a refreshing swim. You think you’re the only one there for miles around. But something happens to disabuse you of that notion: A group of ladies show up!

And not only do they show up, but they’re planning on staying there awhile. They bring their drinks and picnic basket for a nice little cocktail party. And there you are, totally naked in the pool, with your little cocktail weenie shriveling by the minute. What to do, what to do?

There’s really not much you can do, is there? You can’t stay in the pool forever. And what if they decide to get in the pool themselves? You can’t just hang out with your thing out with them. So you’re going to have to try to get to your clothes without revealing too much. Can you do it?

See, there are so many options when it comes to CFNM fantasies. All it takes is a little imagination! Then, you can do all kinds of clothed female, nude male roleplays. So if you’d like to indulge in one with me, you know what to do. Give me a ring and tell me your idea for a roleplay!

Until next time


Ms Kay Marie