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Hello and Happy Pride to all you cocksuckers and otherwise queer people out there. I hope you have a very happy and satisfying month!

I want to talk to the cocksuckers of the world today. Now, I know a lot of people use the word “cocksucker” as kind of an insult. But I think it’s a term that should be reclaimed, like queer, and used with pride. What do you guys think?

There’s Nothing Wrong With Being A Cocksucker

I say this because there’s nothing wrong with you guys being cocksuckers. Sure, it’s not a term you’d use all the time because it’s a bit crass for some settings, but there’s nothing wrong with it, either. It’s simply a description of what you do. It’s like being a painter or a scientist, almost. It is just a short way to describe what you do.

Sucking cock, to me, is a noble profession. Only the best people do it. So it’s something you should be proud of, especially if you’re good at it. There’s such a shortage of good cocksuckers in the world, after all. If you’re one of the best, you should hold your head high and smile a secret smile about it!

Curious About Cocksucking

Maybe this Pride, though, you’re not thinking about actually being a cocksucker just yet. Perhaps you’re just weighing the idea in your mind. Maybe you’re curious about cocksucking and trying to learn as much as you can about how to do it. Well, let me offer to you my services.

I’m very good at teaching cocksucking lessons with my trusty strap on. I find it’s a good introduction to the world of sucking cock for people who have never tried it before. It’s less intimidating than a real cock, for one. This is especially true if I use a dildo that’s not super realistic-looking. Something pink and sparkly shouldn’t scare you too badly, right?

And while I use such a dildo in my strap on harness, I’ll also share my cocksucking wisdom with you. I may not give away all my secrets the very first time, but I’ll give you some useful tidbits, for sure. Eventually, you’ll learn everything about sucking cock that you need to know! Then, you can try it out with a gay or bi friend of mine, if you feel so inclined.

Cocksuckers Are The Best People

If you’ve sucked cock in the past and would just like to do it again, I can help you with that, too. I would be more than happy to help you get back on the horse, so to speak. I am quite supportive.

As I said earlier, I think cocksuckers are some of the best people around. The word “cocksucker” should be a label you wear with pride. It should never be considered something shameful or derogatory. Well, unless, of course, you like a little humiliation mixed in with your sexy times. That’s a totally different thing, though.

So this Pride, show your own pride by sucking some cock for me! I would love to see you down on your knees, showing off all your skills. And tell me what you think about the word “cocksuckers.” Is it a “bad” word, in your opinion? Or do you like the idea of reclaiming it? I’ve already told you how I feel about it. Now, I’d like to hear your opinion. So just leave me a comment or give me a call to discuss it and any of your cocksucking fantasies. Can’t wait to hear from you!

Until next time!


Ms Kay Marie