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Hi Everyone! Hope this finds you all well and your week off to a great start! I have meant to sit down and share with you a two mistress call I had on Halloween with Ms. Roselyn. (it was my first two mistress call with the sexy mistress, but I most certainly hope that it is not the last!) 

I will admit, I have lots of calls that I enjoy. However, what made this one so fun, is it was
total fantasy role play. Not a fun & dirty sexual roleplay (although it was) ~ this one was a complete fantasy. Ms. Roselyn and I were witches having some Halloween fun turning a neighbor’s sissy hubby permanently into a woman. I’m smiling just thinking about it. 

We all have fantasies that “could” actually happen in real life. Maybe yours is to be dressed up and turned out as a sissy maid or to be cuckolded by your hot wife.  There are so many real-life role plays to enjoy.  And enjoy them I do. But….. there are times I love to let my mind wander to a fun magical place. 

What about you?? Would you enjoy being the personal play toy of a Giantess?? Or how about shrunk so small I could put you on my mantel like a knick-knack. Oh but an afternoon in my magical closet is not one you will soon forget. 

So if you find yourself wanting to let your mind wander and get a little escape from reality, don’t turn on the Sci-Fi channel. Call one of your favorite mistresses and see where her imagination will take you. 

Until next time! 


Ms. Kay Marie

PS ~ Sometimes we like to have a little seasonal fantasy fun with our writings even. Here’s a link to last month’s Halloween Blog Train. And if you’re already in the holiday spirit here’s a link from a couple of years ago to the start of our Walking In A Kinky Wonderland.