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Hello to all you cocksucking lovers and cocksucker wannabes out there! I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season so far, and I also hope that I can make it even merrier and brighter for you. I’m pretty sure I can!

You see, I was thinking that you need to put some seasonal interest into your regular cocksucking training that you do for me. So instead of practicing your sucking on a dildo this month, I have a much better idea. It’s just going to involve you going to the store and grabbing one of those big, oversized candy canes for me.

Acquiring Your Candy Cane For Mistress

Going and grabbing the biggest candy cane you can find is your assignment. I can’t even call it a humiliation assignment because only perverts like us would think of all the dirty things you can do with a candy cane! As long as you don’t say anything to the cashier, they’ll never have any idea what you’re planning on doing with it!

Once you get your candy cane back home, I want you to get naked for me and unwrap it. You don’t even have to unwrap it all the way, unless you want to. You’re more than welcome to leave some of the wrapper in place in order to wrap it back up and save it for more cocksucking training later.

But definitely do expose enough of it to make it a decent size cocksucking training piece. Once you’ve done that, take that naughty tongue of yours and start getting it nice and wet by licking it all over.

Cocksucking Training With Your Candy Cane

Once it’s nice and wet, I would love for you to pick up your phone and give your favorite Mistress a call. I’ll be happy to give you some general instructions in this blog post, of course, but if you call me, it’ll be easier for me to give you instructions that are more personalized. That makes the cocksucking lessons a lot hotter, in my opinion. Don’t you agree?

After you get me on the phone, I’ll let you wrap your lips around the end of it. Suck on the tip first, and then slide your mouth down the length of it to see just how much you can take into your mouth at once! You might be surprised at the amount you can take. Protip: If you go fairly slowly, rather than trying to gobble it down, it’ll be easier to swallow more at a time. Gently ease it down the back of your throat, and you’ll be amazed at how much you can swallow down for me.

Coerced Bi Practice

Slide your mouth up and down, swallowing as much as you can each time you go down on it. You will probably notice your cock growing hard as you fellate this candy cane for me. That’s a good thing! The more you enjoy cocksucking, the better you’ll be at it. Plus, there’s the added bonus that this particular thing you’re sucking on tastes pretty good, too! Not that cocks don’t taste good, but they don’t have that nice, minty flavor that the candy cane has.

As you suck, just think of all the fun coerced bi sessions you’re going to enjoy with me in the New Year. The harder you practice with your candy cane, the more intense and wonderful those upcoming experiences will be. So work hard!

I can’t wait to help you with all your cocksucking phone sex fantasies, so go ahead and get that candy cane for me. The sooner you get it, the sooner you can begin your cocksucking assignment. And the sooner you can do that, the sooner you’ll get to have your lips on a real cock! I know you’re excited about that, aren’t you?

And of course, I’m excited, as always, to hear about the cocks you’re looking forward to sucking for me in the New Year. So drop me a comment or give me a call and tell me all about it. Talk to you soon!

Until next time!


Ms Kay Marie