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Hi there! Hope this finds you all well and ready for the weekend. I thought I would kick off the weekend with a little Friday foot fetish fun! (try saying that fast lol) 

Recently I have talked to several men who love feet – and each of them for a different reason. I will admit, I was fascinated.

For one, it’s the sight of a dangling shoe that gets him started. It’s almost hypnotic how that shoe just dangles there.  He fantasizes about being caught with pics of sexy lady’s feet, shoes dangling.  His punishment (wink wink) is to get a foot job from one of those sexy ladies. And the bonus, she gets off doing it so he must be there to service her whenever she wants!

Another, begs to worship my smelly feet. I pride myself on always being clean and smelling wonderful. But after a hard workout or run, my feet (along with the rest of me) can get quite sweaty.  This foot slave heard me mention my workout once on my radio show and has been begging to worship my feet afterward ever since. 

I met one whose foot fetish is quite unique and was totally new to me. He is turned on by a woman’s feet when playing the pedals of an organ. Whether the organist is wearing sexy shoes or has bare feet, he wants his cock right down there and stepped on just like the pedals.  The pedal playing motion gives him a foot job. Speaking of peddles, we have even talked about the ones in a car. Think about that the next time you’re stuck in traffic.

I have very pretty little feet.  I love having my feet worshiped. Rubbed, kissed, licked and sucked on. (Cumming on them is a turn on too) A man who finds feet sexy thrills me. (and is a must for a lover and a slave ~ just saying) I happen to think all men have a little foot fetish ~ wouldn’t you agree?

Happy Foot Fetish Friday! 

Until next time! 

Hugs, Ms. Kay Marie

Ms. Kay Marie