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Hey there, guys, I’ve been thinking about something lately and wanted to share it with all of you: It’s gooners vs. chronic masturbators. What are the two things, and what are the differences between them?

I’ll be honest with you, what got me thinking about this is J. He’s a cum eating gooner. And, boy, is he serious about his gooning! But I started thinking about him and wondering if he started as a chronic masturbator and then turned into a gooner? And that, of course, made me wonder what the difference is when it comes to gooners vs. chronic masturbators.

The Reasons Gooners And Chronic Masturbators Jerk Off

I’ll save you the trouble for going to Google for definitions, since I’ve already done that myself. Technically, the difference between gooners vs. chronic masturbators is the reason that they jerk off. This may sound silly, but it’s a good distinction, I think. The gooner masturbates in order to edge, while the chronic masturbator masturbates in order to achieve an orgasm. It’s an easy enough difference between the two that makes it pretty simple to keep them separate in your head.

This definition lines up pretty well with what I’ve experienced with self-described gooners and chronic masturbators. The gooner is there to just jerk it constantly without ever going over the edge. It can even turn into a masturbation trance sort of situation, where the gooner strokes until he loses his sense of ego-consciousness. The chronic masturbator, on the other hand, is chasing that orgasm. He may even be a premature ejaculator! No matter what, he wants to cum. He might be the kind of guy who would benefit from edging, but that’s not his intention at all.

I Think There Is Another Difference In Gooners Vs. Chronic Masturbators

Now that we have established the difference between gooners vs. chronic masturbators, I think we should explore the psychology of both things a little more. I say that because I feel like it’s important. One thing I have noticed when it comes to the difference between gooners vs. chronic masturbators is that chronic masturbators often feel shame in regards to their masturbatory habits. Maybe they find it humiliating in some sense and possibly would like to change. But gooners, on the other hand, always seem very proud of their masturbatory accomplishments. They’ll happily tell you how many times they’ve edged that day with plenty of pride in their voices!

So I think to some degree, the difference between the two lies in how they feel about themselves. A chronic masturbator might just be an addict, so to speak. And addicts don’t always feel good about themselves. But gooners, though they may also be addicted, never seem to be ashamed of their near-constant jerking off!

Masturbation Is Good

But I encourage everyone to look at masturbation the way that gooners do. They think it’s good and healthy. And I think everyone should view it that way, no matter how often they do it. There should never be shame around masturbatory habits, in my opinion.

A chronic masturbator, who jerks off for the orgasm, might benefit from orgasm control, which is simply a matter of letting your Mistress take charge of when and where you can orgasm. Orgasm control can offer a chronic masturbator more control over his own life and also a more powerful orgasm when he is allowed one. But even then, when submitting to orgasm control, it should not be treated as shameful in any way.

So what do you guys think about gooners vs. chronic masturbators? This has been a very short overview of the topic, so I’m sure I’ve left out a number of important distinctions between the two. So I’d love to hear what you guys think about it and how you would classify yourselves. Leave me a comment or give me a call to tell me more!