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Ms Kay Marie ~ Your cum eating coach!

Are you curious about eating cum? Not long ago, I got a call from J, who was interested in tasting his own cum. Simple enough. J is a happily married guy from the burbs. After a nice chat, J was ready to eat his own cream pie out of his wife. Before long, he was licking cum off of her body. ( yes his wife was in on the fun as well!) J’s curiosity was satisfied and he developed quite an appetite.  

It wasn’t long before J was calling again ~ this time curious about tasting cum straight from the tap. (Yes, that mean sucking a cock). I told him he wasn’t alone. Many married suburban guys, just like him, are cock curious and it wouldn’t be hard to find someone like minded to meet.  (Boy was he surprised just how easy it was) He quickly found a married guy in a neighboring burb who was also curious.  After a few messages back and forth they decided to meet. Stroking and sucking was done by both. Even though they were a little nervous and awkward at first, both liked it enough to do it again … and again … and again.

Now, J’s curiosity was peaked once again. This time, he wanted to do more that suck cock, he wanted to fuck it and so did his friend ~ and that is exactly what they did. These two suburban hubbies hook up regularly now ~ couple times a month. (think about that when you’re hanging with your buddies ~ maybe they are too)   

From curious about cum eating to being a cock whore in only six months. Talk about taking your cum eating fantasy into reality. Where will your curiosity take you?? 

Until next time! 


Ms Kay Marie