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KayMarie (85)Hi Everyone! Happy Monday! Hope you all had a great weekend and are ready for the week ahead. I had a pretty good weekend myself. While I was out running some errands, I ran in to an old neighbor and it reminded me of a nice chat we had one Saturday evening last spring. I just had to share it with you.

Just a little comment

One day last spring I treated myself to little “me time”. I started the day with a good workout, a pedicure and met a girlfriend for a latte and some bra shopping. When I returned home, with my pretty pinks bags, I saw my neighbor sitting outside. I smiled and said “hi”. He replied saying, “I see that today must be the day to lingerie shop.” I was intrigued by his comment, so I walked over to chat.

A little background

My neighbor is several years older than me and his wife, is several years younger than I am. Although, she is what I would consider a hot wife, she is not very dominate. My neighbor invited me to sit down and have a drink. He said that he was grateful for the company. Since his wife met a new friend at work she has been spending quite a bit of time at her friend’s house with her and her husband. Today, they went lingerie shopping then went there to try things on.

Things became clear

I had to smile. It seems my neighbor isn’t the only one who liked how submissive his wife could be. This couple was enjoying a dominate and submissive sexual relationship with her as well. My neighbor realized rather quickly that the lingerie she purchased today (and over the last couple of weeks) wasn’t for him, but was for the husband. Soon, he was asking question after question. Just what did I think she did with them? I explained that her role was not only to please him sexually, but her as well. Yes, she was sucking his cock and eating his cream pie out of the wife. Not only was I sure his wife was enjoying it tremendously, but it was very obvious my neighbor was very aroused with the thought of it. That is when I really smiled. He started to get embarrassed and tried to cover it with his hand. I put my hand over his and moved it aside. I told him to not be embarrassed that he was suppose to be turned on and I could help him with that ~ LOL He looked very shocked,  but very interested and asked how.

But that my friends is a story for another time!

Until then.
Ms Kay Marie