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Ms Kay Marie

Hi Everyone! Hope you are all having a good week. I know many of you have a long weekend ahead of you, and are probably planning some extra time with family and friends. I got a text the other day inquiring if I had some free time this weekend and if I had plans for it…… and if I didn’t have plans, would I like some – lol.

Making the Most of My Time

As you all know, my MILF duties pretty much set my schedule and as of late, my cougar side as been a little neglected because of it. This weekend I find myself with a couple of hours to kill out of town. Not enough time to come home or be productive but enough time to say meet a friend for a drink or maybe some shopping. I was telling a friend about this great place I have been wanting to revisit when unbeknownst to me, someone was listening!

An Interesting Text

Later that night I received a text from one of the guys at the gym. Technically, he’s no longer a college guy, having just graduated, but to me he still is. Turns out, his new job often has him in that area, he’s heard of the place I was talking about and has always wanted to try it. Would I like to meet there? Was this Femdom Mistress getting asked out on a date? LOL

A New Playmate

I had to smile! Let’s be clear ~ I have no interest in “dating”. However, I have been considering looking for a new playmate and his text has this natural born cocktease intrigued. He would definitely fit the bill. So I said, I would love to, I would buy him a drink and we could catch up.  He replied, “It’s a date!” How cute! It’s so not date….. he might not know it, but he’s interviewing for one of the most fulfilling jobs he’ll ever have.  I’ll let you know if he gets a second interview. LOL

Until next time


Ms Kay Marie