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Hi Everyone! Hope this finds you all well and off of a great weekend. As I am sitting here this morning sipping my espresso,  checking emails I just saw a name that made me smile. His name is “P.”  I just adore him. You probably don’t know this about me, but I do have a twisted side.  And “P” has a special place in my twisted side’s heart. Why do you ask?? Well, it’s all because of my twisted side’s love of CBT. 

Now “P” is in long-term chastity. Although I am not his chastity mistress, I am his CBT Goddess.  He keeps his cage on most of the time, which might seem like his cock is being protected, but I assure you it is not. We start with what I call, “buzzing the tower.” He must run a vibrator up and down his chastity cage. That might not sound like torture or even all that bad, because a vibrator can be quite enjoyable.  However, there’s no pleasure without pain. So just when he can’t take it anymore, and he is struggling in the cage he must then take an implement of MY choosing and beat that pleasure away.  A wooden spoon is my favorite, but “P” always has a variety for me to use ~ a strap or a paddle to name a few. I just love the different sounds each makes when smacking his balls. I giggle each time. It’s almost hypnotic to me.  The longer our sessions last, the more sessions we have in a day or over a couple of days even,  the more tender those balls, the more I enjoy pushing him for more. 

As many of you do know, I am a huge sports’ fan. Baseball season might be over for my team, but football is in full swing. The week my team played “P’s” team I thought a little wager was in order. Four quarters, four implements ~ and for each first down, penalty, score, he owed me smacks. Regardless of whether my team won or loss, I was still going to win lol.  Our little game was just too much fun for just one game. Each week, no matter who our teams play, he must play along. I even had a little pregame fun with him ~ let’s call it a warm up.  Now my team loss kind of badly yesterday so you can imagine how frustrated I was and I wanted the smacks harder as the game went on lol. 

You may wonder, does “P” ever get out of chastity? Is all that torture ever rewarded? That is a story for another time. But know this, there is never any pleasure without pain and everything comes at a price. The thought of it is making me smile even more. Because as much as my twisted side loves CBT ~ CBT AND ruined orgasms make me just giddy with delight!

Until next time! 


Ms. Kay Marie