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Hi Everyone! Happy Monday!! Hope your week is off to a good start. Since it is a holiday week and there are a sales everywhere, I though it would be a perfect time to share with you some of my favorite money saving and girlie shopping tips. I am more than sure that I will be adding to this list, but these couple will get you started and let you take advantage of sales.

Mistress KayMarie

Mistress KayMarie

My first tip – DON”T PURGE! Seriously, it will just cost you more in the end. If you are a crossdresser or you are a trans throwing everything away will not “fix” you. You don’t need “fixed” ~ you are not “broken”.  If you truly think you need to separate yourself from those things and give yourself a timeout, just box them up for the time being. You will just end up spending a fortune replacing everything. And I assure you ~ you’ll never find those exact killer heels again! LOL It is perfectly ok to clean out your closet so to speak and get rid of things that do not fit or “work” for you! As a matter of fact, I encourage that!

Let’s Start with Shopping for Panties

It is that time of year everyone is having their semi annual sales. Take advantage of it. When you see the multi item discounts or things are clearances out , it is the perfect time to try out different styles, cuts or fabric. Panties can be tricky ~ bras even more so. Read the descriptions and think about how they will fit on you. Remember, even if you have a little clit of a dick, you need to take it in consideration. Although I don’t wear panties myself, when boy shorts became popular, I couldn’t wait to get a few pairs, just to wear with a cami to bed. Well, guess what? They don’t fit me right. I bought a bunch without just trying one. So, when you see one of those sales. try some new styles. Get 5 different ones ~ not just 5 different colors. If you are new to getting girlie it is a perfect time for you to try panties out (and bras too – lol).

Let’s Put on A Pretty Face with Makeup

Make Up ~ Ok there is not a girl out there who at some point couldn’t fill a drawer with various cosmetics they didn’t use. Wrong shade, wrong formula, too glittery, or just simply wrong all around. I’m not real big on make up and I have my only fails in the drawer. Here’s the time to seek out some advice. I personally avoid the department stores. Returns can be tricky, sometimes you have to get something else there and can’t get an actual refund.  Sephora is awesome! Not only are returns easy but you can get samples and advice. If going out in a store or a salon is not possible, that’s ok. Check a store’s return policy out online. You can shop online even ~ try it with your Mistress.  Online can be little bit of a hassle if you do have to return but it’s better than a drawer full of nothing you can use. Read as much as you can about the products. And if it just a new color or technique you like, try out it first with the cheapest stuff you can find from the grocery or discount store (you can usually self check out too!) Take it from me, I bought a very expensive smokey eye kit I still can’t get right!

Shopping for Clothes ~Especially Dresses

With all of those sales going on now and the back to school shopping about to begin, you can get spring and summer dresses on clearance. Don’t focus too much on what is featured in magazines (I’ve said it before ~ no one looks like that!) My girl Katie gave some great advice, check out the fashion blogs. Real blogs ~ much like this one ~ written by great fashionistas! I have found they are loaded with not only practical information on everything from trends and how to dress your body type but great ways to copy a style for less. If it is some glam you crave (I know, I understand) there is no bigger bang for your buck than a consignment shop. This time of the year they are loaded with used prom & formal dresses someone hopes to sell before the next year. And again, if going out shopping is just not possible, check the online sales such as eBay. If sizing confuses you and you are not sure what to get check the description. You can usual view a manufacturer’s sizing chart on line. It will give you what the measurements are for each size. You can measure your chest, waist, etc and just go off the chart.

Ok, these will get you started and give you something to think about. If you have any favorite shopping tips, please feel free to share them in the comments section. I can guarantee I’ll revisit this topic quite frequently in the future. Be sure to check back this week for my next post for my trans friends.

Until next time!

Ms Kay Marie