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Ms Kay Marie

Ms Kay Marie

Hi Everyone! Hope you are all having a good week. I am still enjoying a reprieve from the winter weather although I will admit I’m still adjusting to springing forward – lol. Ugh – the time change always messes me up for a bit. The one thing I do tend to start when my sleep is messed up over the next week or so is my spring cleaning.  Might seem like an odd topic to discuss with you but trust me, you’ll understand why I thought I would share. 

Sissy Calls in a State

Last evening I was in bed reading trying to get to sleep at a decent hour. My MILF duties start early and I need my beauty sleep. So I was rather rattled when my phone rang. (No it wasn’t a booty call you dirty minded sluts!) It was my friend and wow was she in a state. So, as a good friend I got cup, poured a glass of wine and settled in to listen.

Sissy Starts a Purge

My friend is not unlike many of you. She is a sissy. A completely undercover secret sissy. And last night, she was going through a sissy purge. That’s right, that extreme type of spring cleaning. Now I understand, really I do. Recently I have been cleaning out the last remnants of things from an ex. However, purging to try to deny who and what you are is never a good idea and rarely, if ever, works. Even if you can manage to actually make yourself put the things in the trash, you stand a good chance trying to get them out before they are picked up!  And dumpster diving just is not sexy fun! 

Sissy is in a Better Place

After only two glasses of wine, an empty box of tissues on her end and some quick calculating on how much sleep I was going to get, I believe I left her in a better place. Sometimes it is good to clear some things out. Maybe those that have bad memories, and if you were to look in my trash, that is what you would find. I could even understand getting rid of the things that you bought when you didn’t understand sizing or know your style.  My friend is, even though she is still a closet sissy and does not plan to change that, comfortable with who and what she is ~ and she should be because she is totally fabulous. (not to mention she has great taste in friends ~ moi!! lol) Although, I’m sure there could still be another purge somewhere in the future I would like to think there’s at least it is a chance that there won’t. 

By the way, I received a text around lunch time today, and as expected she has started her spring shopping binge to follow that purge. I’m sure my next call will be when the packages arrive and she gets to try on everything all excited and the despair from the purge all but forgotten.

Until next time


Ms Kay Marie