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Mistress Talks About A Little Dick Sissy and How You Measure

Mistress KayMarie

Mistress KayMarie

Hi Everyone! Happy Friday! Hope this finds you all well after a short week and ready for the weekend. I am heading into the weekend feeling good. See, I got a little pampering “me time” this week and a special package in the mail from my LDS. As much as I love being spoiled – and she does it so well – it was part of the package that has had me laughing since yesterday. Let me explain and you too will be laughing.

Alpha Male ~Little Dick Sissy

Ahh, My Little Dick Sissy ~ LDS. She is one of those who compensate for their lacking with big, expensive things. Please do not confuse this for not be genuine and kind. Truly she is one of the most generous and sweet people I have ever met. However, one look, and you know she’s compensating for something – lol. (It’s not hard to figure our what it is) LDS is one of those Master of the Universe types. Big important job with the impressive office, only the very top of the line import in the assigned parking spot. You name it. Nothing but the best for my LDS. Oh that is probably something I should explain. See, she gave herself that long name of Little Dick Sissy (Master of the Universe type – likes BIG titles). I had to fix that! So I shortened it down to LDS – much for appropriately fitting if you know what I mean!

How Do You Measure Your Clit Sized Dick?


Needless to say, I am always bringing up how she compensates. A while back,  I shared with you how I made her measure her clit against things that represent the big things she has in her life to compensate for that very little clit of a dick she has! Of course, there was the key fob to that top of the line import, a few electronics, you get the idea. But one of my favorite “units of measurement” is something we both use multiple times a day – a standard post it note. Every time I see one, whether it is to remind myself to make an appointment or a list for the store, I think of her. But here’s the funny part. She tried to make her panty size clit measurement not quite so diminutive by saying she measured on the diagonal – lol Now you will understand why I was laughing my ass off when I opened my little care package (filled with gift cards so I can treat myself) and saw a value pack of post it notes!! OMG – and drawn on it is a little clitty of a dickie on the diagonal. The other drawing??? That is the size of the strap on I used to peg her pussy!!! See, good thing she is very good at her Master of the Universe job ~ because she has absolutely nothing good in her panties!!

During my fits of giggles, I came up with something. A little challenge, so to speak. I want all of you little clit size dick sissies out there to find a very common daily item and use it to measure just how small your clit is. Whoever gets the biggies laugh from me ~ I will treat you to a little surprise! A nice free custom audio! (just a short one ~ like you ~LOL) What do you say?? Are you up for it??

Until next time!
Ms Kay Marie

2 comments to Mistress Talks About A Little Dick Sissy and How You Measure

  • Petey cream puff

    When not hard I’m about 3′ 🙁 for me the only way I can get hard is if I’m wearing bra/panties/leggings/yoga pants/lipstick/perfume/lotion/women’s turtleneck sweaters/heels/ankle/knee high boots as well as dresses even better if you and the other mistresses dress and keep me this way. When I told Ms Delia about my size she said it needs to be in chastity and has said it’s going to happen as I’ve got out of control with my dressing as a girl and getting off all the time. She said she will have to have all the mistresses agree on my release but plans on keeping me dressed up as a girl while locked up 🙁

  • Mike

    It is so hard to acknowledge small size. Worse it you believe it is tiny. Even if she is inexperienced most girls seem to totally know about size. Once a girl has had a big one it is like you are doomed. I have always always wished I was bigger. At least a little. I think girls can see it in you or sense it. I have developed a sort of fetish (I think that is what it is) for doing chores for females for free. Literally running errands or being the run for it guy. I think about being small when I do a chore for a female. I sort of think about how that is how it is. I know that is nuts but i get a satisfaction and excitement doning chores for women – it’s like all i can get. I know it is crazy but I like it. Even if I did wish I was more the alpha.

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