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Ms Kay Marie

Ms Kay Marie

Hi Everyone! Happy Friday! Hope this finds you well and ready for the weekend. Even though the last couple of weeks have been a bit lazy & loungey I have been noticing a reoccurring topic of conversation. Aside from shopping for some comfy clothes and playing with makeup, I’ve been talking about and looking at butt plugs. As always, I just had to share it with you.


Seems a bunch of my friends are in the mood for either their first butt plug or a new one. And I’ll be honest I have been too! That’s right, I just got a new one myself. I had so much fun using a glass juicer style plug on my little LDS I just had to have one. And my little LDS had such fun she had to share and sent me one. One of the things that struck me about this one is the weight. This pretty little plug is not bigger in anyway than others I have had but it is heavier, which I like.  If you are looking for something new, stop and think about what you like and don’t like about your plug and shop with that in mind.


Maybe you are completely new to anal play. If you are ~ welcome to the party!! LOL I’m sure you have heard it before but I will say it again, start slow. When I was new to anal play, it was with a partner and it started with a thumb. Same applies to solo play. Start small, go slow and try it more than once.  You may find that there is a little trial and error to getting one that is just right. Oh and try adding a little anal play to your non anal play – put your plug in while you masturbate.


So now that you have your new or your new & improved plug and are ready for some play time (and of course you have called your Mistress),  I would like to make one last suggestion. Consider hair removal. Regardless of whether you are shaved, waxed, like having a full bush or a landing strip in the front get a clean slate in the back.  You might not think there is much back there but trust me there is and you will notice the difference.

I would love to hear from you one this one. Please share your tips and experiences. And until next time my ass happy friends, take care.


Ms Kay Marie