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Mistress Talks About Cam Shows

Mistress Kay Marie

Mistress Kay Marie

Hi Everyone! The weekend is here!! Hope you all have some fun planned. I am actually taking a little down time. I have to play catch up and without a football game to attend today, I figured I better make the most of the time. No I do not plan on it being all work and no play for Ms Kay. I did get a notification that there are some new episodes of one of my favorite shows available so I think I am going to reward myself with some binge viewing – lol. Speaking of viewing, I will admit to another guilty pleasure. I love viewing you on cam.

A Variety of Performers for Cam Viewing

There is no shortage of cam stars out there. Sissies that want to show off their latest purchases or simply spend some time in their female personas with a friend. The little dick strokers are always good for a laugh. You know how they say the camera adds 10 pounds?? I assure you, it only exaggerates how small they really are! Oh and the humiliation sluts?? They can keep me laughing more than any sitcom. I love my fruit fucker!!! And the strokers with the nice fuckable cocks?? AHHH, so nice to see. To be honest, there are days, I don’t even turn on my TV.

CFNM on Cam is the Best

But there is one cam show that I really enjoy. You see, CFNM is so much fun on cam. I have one stroker that I look forward to seeing all the time. My guy T, loves to stroke for me. Good thing too, because I just love to watch him do it. Not only isn’t he hard on the eyes, he has one hell of a fuckable cock. I mean seriously, big, thick and stays hard. Sometimes we role-play, sometimes we just play. But two things always remains ~ he is naked/I am not and he loves stroking for me. Not on the phone, so I can only hear, but live and on cam so I can see. And guess what?? I love it too. As much as I love being naked with such a yummy dick, there is something so empowering over not being and still controlling it. LOL

Do you love strut yourself? Let me know! Because I just love to watch! See you on Skype. (I only view on Skype)

Until next time!
Ms Kay Marie

4 comments to Mistress Talks About Cam Shows

  • Mistress Amber

    There’s just such a rush for our horny strokers to be naked and vulnerable! I totally see why cam is exciting for them. It’s wild fun for Mistresses, especially for ladies like me that love to be entertained and love to be kept guessing. You never know what you’ll get when someone asks you to watch them, and how relaxing it is to sit on my sofa in something sexy comfortable and tune in!

  • You are so right Ms. Kay, it is a lot of fun to not just talk with our strokers, sissies, exhibitionists, etc… but to watch them as well! Great post!

  • KayMarie

    Ms Christine ~ I will admit ~ I love to watch!! Oh and when I can share it with one of my Mistress friends ~ even better.

  • KayMarie

    Ms Amber ~ You are so right, you never know…..but I love it! I so do that! I get comfy on the sofa and enjoy!

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