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Hi Everyone! Hope you are all having a good week. I have to tell you, I have spent most of my week chatting with some of my favorite people ~ cuckolds. Yep, you all know I have a special place in my heart for cucks.

Ms Kay Marie

Ms Kay Marie

The Lifestyle Cuck

It had been awhile since I have spoken with S and I have really missed him.  S and his hot wife and have completely embraced the cuckold lifestyle. As a matter of fact, he credits it with saving his marriage.  He lives his life completely “pussy free” and is quite happy. He knows he does not have cock that can satisfy any woman, let alone the woman he adores.  Don’t feel sorry for him! Not only does he get to stroke that teeny tiny penis for me, when he is particularly good, his wife’s well hung black lover, puts him on his back and fucks him like the whore he has become.

The Fantasy Cuck

This week was also my time to catch up with D. We usually get to chat twice a month when he travels for work. D and his wife are as vanilla as they come in every way.  Throughout their entire marriage sex was basically on Saturdays, always in the bedroom, and always missionary. D fantasies on the other hand are not so vanilla. He imagines his wife being not just being fuck by another man but completely consumed and her body owned. He wants to lay in bed while she tells him every detail of her evening out. And then have her sit on his face and feed him that cream pie. Truthfully, I think if he shared this with his wife, he just might get what he wants.

Which Are You?

I know many of you have your own cuckold fantasies. Maybe you are like S and crave the cuckold lifestyle.  Oh and I am sure thoughts of that bull with he big cock makes your mouth water.  Or maybe you just want to hear about it like D? Are you getting hard just thinking about licking another man’s cum for your bedtime snack?

Bet I have you thinking about it?

Until next time.


Ms Kay Marie 

PS – Just as I was getting ready to post this I had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful gentleman who just so happens to be a cuckold. He is looking forward to his first shared weekend away with his lovely wife and her younger boyfriend.  I have been promised a full report, which of course I will share with you. Check back soon.