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Mistress Talks About Playing With Your Food

Ms Kay Marie

Ms Kay Marie

Hi Everyone! Hope you all had a great holiday weekend. I am still a little behind, so I am sorry for such an absence from here. I have been wanting to share with all of you a call ~ a cam call ~ that I had a little before the holiday. And, trust me, this one is memorable!!!

A Pleasant Introduction

I recently met a new caller. Now from the first, 10 minutes we spoke, we hit it off. We had some time to get to know each other and he was absolutely wonderful when it came to how to tell your mistress what you want. And, even though that first call was great ~ if I do say so myself ~ it was our the next one that we planned that was even better!

Getting to Know “S”

As we were talking, “S” (as I will call him), told me how much he loves to be on cam. Guided masturbation, playing with toys, you name it, “S” will do it all. As a matter of fact, that is his particular thing. Doing “whatever” on cam. Remember that one guy when you were growing up that would do something just because he was dared to or told to – and everyone got a kick out of it??? Well, “S” is that guy now!

Things Are Going to Get Messy

The other thing that I found out while we were getting to know each other is he is somewhat of a foodie. And as you all know, I am too. Somehow one thing lead to another and we started talking about all sorts of food fetishes. I’m talking about those wet and messy fetishes. We talked about ones we have heard about, ones we have done, and the ones we’ve wanted to try. Remember that scene in the first American Pie movie??? Yep – that one! That is the one I thought would be fun to try and “S” was more than game!

The next week, we scheduled a time. He got a pie and by the time we turned cam on it was warm and “S” was ready. (NOTE – if you are going to do this – DO NOT warm the pie in a microwave. You can run the risk of hot spots – plus you would have to take it out of the tin which you need for support. Slowly warm it in an oven and let it cool a little when you take it out. You will need to check the internal temp in a couple of spots with your finger. You do not want to get a burn on your dick) I love cam. I love to watch. And I will say, watching “S” fuck that pie on a stool so hard that he was ramming into the stove was AWESOME!!

I have not been in the grocery store since without thinking about what is next!! The produce department has been a virtual smorgasbord of – “what can be done with that?” Stay tune for more on “S”. We are going to have so much fun together!

Until next time!
Ms Kay Marie

7 comments to Mistress Talks About Playing With Your Food

  • OMG Miss Kay!!! That sounds like an awesome show your little pet put on for you! If you have want to show him off to any of your Mistress friends – I’m game! It would be so much fun watching him fuck all that food for you!!! What a sweet sticky mess it must have been!!!

  • KayMarie

    Ms Nadia ~ It was a blast! I am definitely going to plan a little party for our viewing pleasure. “S” will put on quite the show and keep us well entertained.

  • I love it! Ms. Kay, it certainly sounds like it was quite a sweet treat, seeing this culinary daredevil devouring that pie with his cock! Like you, I adore a good cam show, and a novel one such as this makes it an even more entertaining experience. I hope you keep us updated on your erotic “food journey” together. Tasty post! *wink wink*

  • KayMarie

    Ms EmmaJane ~ I know ~ right?? It looks like we are going to get into (literally) the summer season and have a “ball” with some melons soon. I’ll keep you posted!

  • bfla

    I’m a big “foodie,” lol. Nothing like a good sweet, sandwich, salad, drink, or all kinds of other food to explode into and top off. 🙂 A lot of fruits are great to play with. My favorite is the banana peel pussy. It feels remarkably good and makes a great banana cream pie! I hear you on the grocery store produce aisle!

  • KayMarie

    BFLA ~ Oh we need to play with food. DO you warm the banana before you peel it?? Food play is just the best!

  • bfla

    No I warm the banana peel while playing with it. Lol.

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