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Mistress Talks About Your Kinks Again


Hi Everyone!!! Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week and are ready for some fun this weekend. Somehow in my craziness during the week I forgot to post this blog. For that I am sorry. I would like to thank everyone who shared with me their kinks. I will say, most emailed or messaged them to me along with a little story about how it started or what draws them to it. I actually emailed one back and asked if I could share it with all of you!!! Wait until you hear how “Toni” started to wear panties! For now, and without any further delay, here are my friends’ favorite kinks – in order of popularity. Let’s just say, I know a lot of cocksuckers and panty wearers!! Enjoy!

Ms Kay Marie’s Popular Kink List

  1. Cocksucking ~ Yep, the number one kink among all walks of life ~ cocksucking.
  2. Panty Wearing ~ This was a very very close second. I think the only reason why cocksucking won is because some ladies replied as well!!!
  3. Crossdressing ~ For some this isn’t a kink (and I respect that!) However for some it is! Sometimes you just want to get your girl on!
  4. Shoes/Boots ~ I combined these two, because frankly although some like one over the other, everyone seems to love both.  And, for you “come fuck me heels” wearers, so you know, there are those who love flats just as much!.
  5. Watching and/or hearing about their wife/GF with another guy ~ that was big and frankly, I find it hot!
  6. Anal play ~ Let’s just say, I know a lot of ass guys!!! LOL
  7. Foot fetish ~ Not to be confused with the shoe/boots.  There are my toe suckers and the ones that love a good foot job!
  8. Porn ~ I have found most are like me and watch a variety of it. And I bet more watch it then said!!!
  9. Food Play ~ I’m telling you, you make my mind wanders to some kinky places when I am going through my grocery store!
  10. Role Playing ~ OK, this is kind of a catch all, but many want some type of role play ~ even when it is solo play. I will admit, I have had my fair share of role plays and they have always been so much fun!!

There you have it! My very own Top Ten List. Of course these are not the only ones, but from those who replied, these were the most popular. I want to thank all of you for your time and sharing your kinkiness with me!! I’ll admit, you made me think about mine as well. (If you are curious,  six of the above listed are some of my personal favs!)


Until Next Time!


Ms Kay Marie

2 comments to Mistress Talks About Your Kinks Again

  • Miss Kay Marie, you have a couple of my favorites on there! You know I love Bi/cock sucking experiences. What could be more hot than a man on his knees sucking off a bull cock? WEll, maybe the fact that his wife likes to get fucked in front of him!

  • Petey cream puff

    For me it’s panty wearing along with matching bra/cross dressing as well as women’s boots/shoes. All of that is way better then wearing boring guy clothes. I admit it that I like wear all of that as for me it’s turn on 🙁 it’s reason I’ve always been single and never had a girlfriend because of this. I can’t nor will I purge as I’ve spent to much money on this. I so want to find a women into this but don’t know how to go about it. Ideas are most welcome.

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