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Ms Kay Marie

Ms Kay Marie

Hi Everyone!! Happy Sunday! Hope you are all having a sexy fun weekend.  I for one, am having a fairly productive one. It did start off nice. Friday my day was filled with MILF duties and appointments (although I did take an hour to get my hair and toes done). By dinner time I was ready to sit down and catch my breath. We ended up stopping at a place I have heard about for years but have never been to and the food is suppose to be fabulous. It is one of those places in a college town that you get a variety of patrons from students to professionals. A perfect sampling for me to observe. I wanted to share with you what I saw.

Identifying the Subjects

I was seated upstairs with a view of a larger dining area and the bar below. It was early enough in the evening that most people that were there were eating or having a quick after work drink.  There were two groups that I was able to identify immediately ~ the college guys and MILFs and the cuckolds. 

College Guys, Cougars and MILFs, OH MY

The college guys were easy to spot. But instead of vying for the attentions of the college coeds who had their faces buried in their phones, they were engaging in real conversations (not texting!) with the hot MILFS. I saw them sitting one on one, a group of guys with one or even a group of guys with a couple of cougars and MILFs.  They were not boisterous or macho. None of the frat house or locker room behavior. They were literally at their best. I know at least one was rewarded. I watched as a well dress woman in her late 30’s early 40’s reached in her purse and pulled out her card and handed it to him with a smile. 

Two Different Cuckolds

The second group, were the cuckolds. Now they might not be as easy to notice unless you knew what you were looking at and well, I did – lol. At one table, you saw the wife sitting next to an obviously younger man.  The husband was watching them, would answer when addressed, but did not seem to be a part of their conversation. When they finished their meal, the husband paid the check and wife walked out with her younger friend’s hand on her back, the husband following behind, no hint of being the jealous cuckold. The other one I observed was even more fascinating.  A husband and a wife sat a high top table in the far corner of the eating area attached to the bar. While the husband remained at the table, the wife worked the room ~ literally. She stopped at another table with a few men.  She sat at the bar with another gentleman. The husband sat at the table and observed. Having a drink and watching. I just wish I could have seen who she ended up leaving with, I was most curious. 

Until next time my friends,


Ms Kay Marie