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Have you recovered from Ms Hunter’s Milking Booth?? (or maybe you were too afraid to step in lol) You come across my door, and it doesn’t look intimidating at all. As a matter of fact, it looks quite inviting ~ homey even. You know me, I am not one for big flashy parties or over crowded clubs. I like a house party.  (but damn can I throw a hell of a house party).  My favorite kind of parties are just get together always has a theme ~ even if it is an impromptu party, Whether it is for one or 20 ~ it’s a damn good time. And I am feeling the need for a little seasonal festivities!  Welcome to some Freaky Femme Fun!

Do you remember any of the Freaky Friday movies? There have been several. The general theme is: two opposites switch bodies for a day. But could it be permanent?? What if they don’t manage to switch back before midnight (It’s always midnight isn’t it?? lol) ~ will they be stuck switched forever??? You should have thought about that before you walked up to me.

I meet you at the door with a warm welcoming smile. I am genuinely happy to see you. My MILF friends are busy with their vanilla lives and as you know, my Mistress friends are very busy with the Monster’s Ball. And frankly, I am wanting some girlie time. Movies, food, drinks, chatting ~ a ladies night in. I think you are going to be just perfect. (once I change everything about you) I have plenty of food & drinks inside but let’s have one out here & take in the night. I hand you a glass of my special “house potion” I laugh, I tell you I love a theme! (did it swirl in the glass?? You think you must be seeing things) Are you feeling a little off? I am sorry – I make a GOOD (meaning a strong) drink. Come inside for some food.

That’s when it happens. When you walk through what looks like your typical small town suburban door ~ you don’t feel like yourself ~ as a matter of fact you don’t even feel like a guy.  (that’s because you’re not!) You’re in the body of my new BFF lol. You look down, gone are your guy jeans & button down. Now you are wearing very stylish faux leather leggings and an off the shoulder tunic. You can tell it’s off the shoulder because you can feel that your now dirty blonde hair is below your shoulders. You reach up to touch it and you have a very festive Halloween mani! (I am betting if you slipped those ankle booties off there would be a matching pedi!!)

I needed a girlfriend for a girl’s night in and you’re it.

Sweetie you need to come in for some food. As you walk, your hips sway. (The leggings look good! The highlights in your hair shine in the candle light. You’re still feeling a little off.  I tell you that it will all be fine, let’s just enjoy the night. All you need is food & and some girlie time. Not all Halloween movies are horror – let’s watch one of my favorites ~ Practical Magic!!!

You start to relax, you kick off the ankle booties (heels are sexy but can hurt lol) The food is great.The wine is fabulous. The company is even better. You could get use to this. There really is something to girlie time and being all femme! In the back of your mind you keep thinking this isn’t real. It is only temporary. As long as you are gone by midnight it’ll be okay. You’ll be back to yourself. This will just be fun night you won’t tell anyone about.

As I sit down next to you I hand you another glass and while grabbing the remote. Leave after the movie. You agree ……. not realizing it’s already going on midnight. I smile as the opening credits start knowing I have a new girlie girl to hang out with for my movie & theme food nights. We are going to have so much fun together.  Maybe next week I’ll introduce you to some of my guy friends. You look like a cocksucker wannabe.

Until next time!


Ms Kay Marie






Continue on with the Monster’s Ball. Think you can handle what Ms Bethany has planned for you?? Are you scared? Are you excited? Is there really a difference?