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Hey, guys, this week’s post is about–you guessed it!–orgasm edging. See, last week’s post about guided masturbation made me start thinking about edging and the reasons we use it. I came up with several good reasons for the use of orgasm edging and decided I’d share them with you. It might give you something to think about!

Orgasm Edging Is A Form Of Cock Control

Orgasm edging is one of the (many) forms of cock control out there. And cock control is a form of mental domination, where the Mistress is in charge of the sub’s cock. Even though the cock is on his body, it technically belongs to her. Therefore, he’s not allowed to do anything with it that she doesn’t okay first.

So edging can be a way for a woman to show her dominance over you. She allows you to stroke for her, but you’re not allowed to cum. You have to prove to her that you have the self-discipline required to edge repeatedly without getting off. The question is always, can you truly do it? If so, the rewards may be great!

Edging Can Make Your Orgasms More Intense

That leads me to my next point, which is that orgasm edging can really intensify your orgasms. The more times you’re able to edge without actually cumming, the more explosive your orgasm will be once you finally do cum. Lots of guys are skeptical about this the first time I mention it. But they finally get curious enough to try it out, after hearing me talk about it regularly. Then, they learn quickly that I knew what I was talking about! Many times, the ensuing orgasm takes their breath away. It takes them a little while to be able to speak afterwards! I always laugh to myself when this happens because I always think, “I told you so!”

Orgasm edging can also make things like guided masturbation more fun. If you just stroke until you cum without stopping, it can be quite a letdown at the end. There’s no anticipation, nothing to really look forward to. If it’s a one-and-done situation, it’s usually not that fulfilling. But if you slowly edge yourself for me over and over again, it really builds the anticipation and the orgasm itself. Plus, edging increases your sexual stamina and can improve your sex life.

Edging Can Also Be About Sadism

Also, I’m not going to lie to you guys. Orgasm edging can also contain a bit of sadism. It can be really entertaining to me to let you think I’m going to let you cum and then stop you. I like playing tease and denial games with you sometimes that involve me telling you to stroke and instructing you to let me know when you’re about to cum. Then, when you ask me for permission to get off, I either tell you yes or no.

I’d be a liar if I told you I didn’t get a little thrill out of each “no” I give you. And if you know anything about me at all, you know I’m nothing if not forthright about things. So, yes, edging can be about sadism!

So those are some reasons that a Mistress might have you engage in some orgasm edging for her. Do you have anything you’d like to add on the subject of edging? If so, drop me a comment, or give me a call to discuss. Edging is one of my favorite topics, so I could honestly talk about it with you all day!

Until next time!


Ms Kay Marie