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Hi Everyone! Hope this finds you all well and enjoying every minute of the summer. Before we all get all wrapped up in the long holiday weekend I wanted to take a moment to give a nod to Pride Month.

Over the years, I have met many wonderful people in the LGBTQ community, both in my own personal life and here at LDW. They are friends, colleagues and family.  Each has not only enriched my life but have a special place in my heart (Linda & Katie I couldn’t imagine my life without either of you!)  

This simple post may not seem like much but please know, it’s made with much love. I am proud to know all of you and so very grateful to my LDW friends and my personal friends in the community who have allowed me to share in their lives. Even if you don’t feel that you identify as part of that community (maybe because you aren’t “out”) doesn’t mean any less.  Just because Pride Month has come to an end ~ do not quit showing your pride or reaching out to others.  For those of you who aren’t out yet (or maybe won’t be) know you have a community here at LDW ~ and we are proud to have you!! 


Ms Kay Marie