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Mistress Kay Marie

Mistress Kay Marie

Hi Everyone! Hope you are enjoying the holidays.  If you are anything like me you might be getting a little tired or overwhelmed with everything that is going on this time of year.  The other morning I was dragging and happen to say to my friend that I wold blow the barista if he’d deliver a latte.  It got me thinking about sexual favors.

His Fetish Her Treat

One of my dearest friend’s husbands has a little foot fetish.  She didn’t know this about him until one day he offered to send her to salon for a pedi. She thought he was just being sweet. Well, when she got home he couldn’t keep his hands off of her feet. To this day, after a decade of being married, all she has to do to get something she wants is to put her pretty little feet in his lap and he is like a puppy in hers.


Her Want His Treat

Recently, one of my sissies, who happens to be an openly sissy husband, called all excited, telling me that the wifey said if the extended family holiday party could be moved to their house, she would be rewarded with not only new lingerie but an entire evening of  play while wearing it. The next evening my little sissy was given a sexy new bra and panty set along with a very pretty baby doll nightie. The little extra treat, the wife bought a new strap on.


Giving and Getting

So how many of us have done something with the motivation to get something sexual in return?? I know I have! I baked cookies for an ex boyfriend’s office party if he promised spank me later.  But that also begs the question, how many of us have done some sexual to get something we’ve wanted?? The one that comes to my mind was a while back. I told my then hubby, if he would wash my car (I really hate to wash my car)  he could tie me to his work bench in the garage naked while he did it. Let’s just say I always had a clean car and a good supply of bondage tape.

Hugs and Kisses,

Ms Kay Marie