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Hi Everyone! Hope this finds you all well and enjoying another summer day! I have been crazy busy this summer. As you know, my MILF duties keep me running all year round. But this summer has been a marathon. My busy schedule has made it a little difficult to make and keep appointments. My manicurist and stylist are a little more flexible than my waxing lady. She is semi retired and shares a room with other techs. To make it worse, she’s been vacationing.  There is one think I can’t stand ~ not being smooth. I simply had to do something!!

Sticky Buns are sexy & smooth!

As I have talked about on my radio show, Happy Hour (Tuesdays NOON-1p EST) I live in a small community. There simply isn’t that many salons that offer a brazilian wax in my immediate area. I stopped getting the “front” part of my brazilian done quite some time ago. The truth is I just simply didn’t stay smooth enough long enough and I hated growing it out.  I shave everyday. Everywhere ~ everyday! However, I did get the back done. (Yes I like my ass waxed! I call it sticky buns) When I miss my appointment or get off my schedule I just can’t stand when I am overgrown. I had to come up with a solution. Yes I could find another salon in another area, but then again I have my crazy schedule that doesn’t always make that possible. So I decided to try one of the at home waxing kits.

The kit I tried was a microwaveable one.  It did not require strips with the wax. It came with everything needed. The wax took a little longer to get melted than was stated and needed reheated, however, it was simple enough. I will say, for the first time using it, and considering it was in an awkward place to wax yourself (good thing I am flexible lol) aside from being a little messy ~ it worked very well. I am very pleased with the results. As good as the salon ~ and you all know how picky I am!! As much as I love my gal ~ I can say ~ I will continue to do my own sticky buns at home!

If you are thinking about trying one of them at home yourself, my best advice is read the reviews, prep your area and be patience!! Need some help or tidbits?? Give me a call ~ I will be happy to help you!

Until next time!


Ms Kay Marie