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Ms Kay Marie

Hi Everyone! Hope this finds you all well. It is spring!! I don’t know what it is about this time of year but I just feel alive and ready to go out and have some fun.  Maybe it is because the weather has finally broke and I have been cooped up too long ~ lol I am also ready for a little spring shopping.  

Now I have said this repeatedly, I am not the biggest fashionista out there. My style is pretty casual. Since I left the office, my daily go-to outfit is fitted workout leggings and a tank or pullover ~ or as I like to call it my sexy MILF uniform. I can go to the gym, run errands or be at home and I always look hot as hell. 

However, the last couple of weeks I have been checking out some dresses. In addition to a couple of weddings and cocktail parties I have coming up I am also wanting to get out dancing at the clubs. I love nothing more than an LBD (little black dress) and although I have a few, I just need one or two more lol.  This season I am just crazy about jumpers. I have found a few that are just as sexy & classy as any LBD but isn’t the same ol same ol and will definitely get noticed. I’m also wanting to add some color.  Now for club dresses, I am all about tight, open backed and super short. (I have had my eye on this teal one for a while) But I am also considering a zippered leather one. I saw it and I just fell in love!! Just what a cocktease needs to wear lol. 

As much as I love erotic roleplay, you would think I would have a closet full of costumes. I will admit, I do not……YET!! LOL, I am just drawn to the costume tab every time I shop online.  To add to it, lately, I’ve notices an increase in the number of costume theme nights at the fetish clubs in my area. The invites say to come in everything from naughty school skirts or as superheroes, a cowgirl, your favorite character from fairytales and others from pop culture. I am so excited about these. Something so sexy about dressing the part and playing it out! In addition to the school skirt, I already know I want a pirate costume, some type of fairytale one and a superhero. Of course, I am going to have to get a little French maid one too (even if it’s just for a new sissy maid lol) And I don’t want just the costumes ~ I want all the accessories too and sexy toys to match !!! 

Oh, and you know, I’ll share all the fun with you! 

Until next time! 


Ms. Kay Marie