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Hi there, lovers of humiliation and SPH lovers in particular. How are you guys today? Are your small penises locked up in chastity for Locktober? If so, this post is for you!

Locking Small Cocks Up In Chastity

Let’s face it, guys. Most dicks that are in a chastity cage are not what I would consider fuckable-sized. There are many reasons for this, of course, and I won’t get into them here. But the truth of the matter is that women don’t tend to lock up dicks they actually want to have sex with.

On the other hand, for you well-hung guys out there: Sometimes, you do need to be caged for your own good. Some of you are chronic masturbators who need to be broken of the habit. Other times, a woman like me might just want to play with you a little bit and remind you who’s in charge by caging you. But generally speaking, it’s the small ones that are locked up, not the bigger ones. With a dick that small, a cage is all you should be in! (I.e., you’re not pussy-sized!)

Chastity Is Its Own Kind Of SPH

Now, many of you are just small. And that’s ok because there are cock cages of all sizes out there, even for the tiniest of micropenises. But you should know that locking you into chastity is its own form of SPH. Small penis humiliation is anything that reminds you that your cock doesn’t measure up. And being locked into chastity is a wonderful reminder of that. That cage of yours is sure to keep even the most determined woman away from being disappointed by you!

If the cage itself is a symbol of your humiliation, then the size of the cage should tell you just how embarrassed you should be by the situation. If it’s a fairly large cage, then you should only be a little embarrassed. You know, the kind of embarrassment you get when you say something silly in front of someone attractive. If it’s a medium-sized cage, you should be medium-embarrassed. This is the kind of embarrassment you feel when you, say, fall down with a group of people watching.

On the other hand, if it’s a small (say less than a couple of inches) cage, you should be mega-embarrassed. I’m talking, a hot girl saw me with my pants down embarrassed. It’s bad enough that you were small enough to be locked in chastity to start with. It’s too bad you don’t have enough dignity to at least fill out a decent-sized cage with it!

A Cage Size Question

I recently posted a question on Enchantrix Empire relating to chastity cage sizes. It sort of alluded to SPH, too. The question was, what should small chastity cages be called? My ideas were Pocket Locket, Tiny Tamer, or Click It & Forget It for your little pindick.

What do you think? What kind of name for your cock cage would really bring out the SPH inherent in chastity? What would make you especially ashamed of being locked away because your cock is inferior?

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter. SPH is always a fun way to pass the time, so I like thinking up new ways to incorporate it into old fetishes. Feel free to leave me a comment or give me, a call for some chastity and SPH phone sex fun this Locktober. I am really looking forward to hearing from you and hearing what you have to say about this particular subject. Talk to you soon!

Until next time,


Ms Kay Marie