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Have you ever wondered if you’re one of those guys who deserves SPH (small penis humiliation)? Well, some would say, if you have to ask, you deserve it. A man with a big dick already knows he has a big dick. If you’re unsure, chances are you’re too small.

I’m not sure if that’s entirely true or not. I do know, though, that there are a lot of little dick guys in denial out there. Read on to see if you’re one of them!

Don’t Be In Denial

See, honestly, nothing annoys me more than a little dick guy in denial. If you’re a little pindick and you love to be teased for it–or if your dick doesn’t satisfy any woman so you love being a cuckold–we have things to talk about and bond over. We can play around together with cock teasing and SPH. You can give me some good laughs at your expense, and I can dish out the humiliation you so desperately crave. Good times for everyone involved!

But I simply cannot stand guys who are clueless about the fact that their little dicks are inadequate. Oh, they think their four inches is wonderful and all women should fall at their feet for it. Ha! I think not. I’m not falling at the feet of a guy who has a dick twice that size. I’m certainly not doing it for your little teeny weenie.

Just Accept Your Reality As A Cuckold

These are the kinds of guys who think they should get sex anytime they want it, but consider women sluts for seeking satisfaction elsewhere, once their little dick disappoints the ladies. For those guys, I basically just think to myself, “You should really accept your reality as a cuckold. That’s all that little thing is going to qualify you for, anyway. Might as well learn to love it.”

Or, even worse than blaming the woman in question for their inadequacies as a man, they think nothing at all is wrong! This is truly the most ridiculous thing ever to me. Have they never experienced SPH before? You mean to tell me that they’ve never run across one woman in their entire lives who’s been willing to be honest with them about their shortcomings? That’s crazy to me!

But, nope, they’ll tell you they’ve never had any complaints. But then, the next words out of their mouths will be them lamenting that they never get laid. Wow, dude, put two and two together and come up with something that’s not 57!

SPH Is What Pindicks Really Need

Let’s be 100% honest here. Little dicks do not deserve sex or orgasms on demand. They don’t deserve to be coddled and told, “Oh, it’s okay that you’re not really that big. Size doesn’t matter that much, anyway.” They deserve none of the that. Instead, what they deserve is SPH with a Mistress who isn’t afraid to be frank and honest about their penis size. You know, a Mistress like me!

They deserve to be laughed at, cuckolded, possibly feminized, and maybe even locked away in chastity so that they can’t disappoint yet another woman in their lives. That’s all they’re good for, honestly. Sorry, not sorry.

I hope if you have a small dick, you’re not in denial. I hope you’ve accepted your place as the laugh of the party. And I hope you’re also in need of some SPH phone sex with me, Ms. Kay Marie. If you’d like to be humiliated for your lack of size, you know what to do. Just give me a ring, and I’ll be happy to tell you like it is!

Until next time!


Ms Kay Marie