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Hi, everyone, and welcome to today’s blog post, which you can see I’ve titled “Take Pride In Your Kink.” I’m blogging about this today because, as you know, June is Pride Month. And I’m one of those people who absolutely believes that kink belongs at Pride. After all, the leather community, for example, was one of the groups who helped establish Pride as a concept. So I think there’s always room for kink at Pride. Anyone who thinks otherwise needs a history lesson.


Happy Pride Month!

So, anyway, Happy Pride to everyone who celebrates! I hope your month is going well. I know mine certainly is. I’ve been thinking a lot about taking pride in your kink lately. And that has made me think about the various stages of a queer and/or kinky person’s life.

For instance, maybe you’re curious about being a sissy or a cuckold. That doesn’t mean you’re being non-committal about it or that you’re not serious about your interest. It’s very normal to be curious about something before jumping in with both feet. And honestly, I think it’s quite healthy to do it that way. You don’t want to get in over your head too quickly.

Things truly happen at different phases of your life, and change is natural. If you didn’t change, you wouldn’t be living! So if you go from not being a sissy one day to being curious about it to actually becoming one, that is perfectly okay. It doesn’t mean your life before your sissyhood was invalid or that your life afterwards is. It just means that you experience different feelings at different times.

Experiencing Your Kink

Another good example of this is being cock curious. Some people know from the very beginning of their adult lives that they’re into members of the same sex. Others don’t figure it out until much later. And there’s nothing wrong with either of these things.

You may not always be cock curious, either. At some point, the curiosity may go away. Or, on the other hand, you might act on your curiosity and become a full-blown cocksucker. And you know what? That’s fine, too! Again, change is a natural part of being alive, and I think we should all evolve within ourselves until our time is up.

I’m a good example of this, too. I go through different periods in my life where I’m more attracted to men, more attracted to women, etc. Sometimes, I’m almost exclusively straight. Other times, the ladies start to seem more beautiful than usual to me. Sometimes, neither one really interests me. Desires wax and wane based on circumstances and other things, too, and that’s perfectly okay.

Always Be Proud Of Who You Are

So no matter who you happen to be at any given time, you should always be proud of it. There’s not really a wrong way to express yourself and your sexuality. So go with it! Do it just the way you please, and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks. Your kink is just as valid as anyone else’s, no matter when you came into it.

If you have a kink you’re proud of and would like to discuss, tell me about it! You can leave me a comment or give me a call to talk about it. I love hearing all about kink, so let me know what’s on your mind, okay? And of course, if you celebrate Pride Month, please do so safely and responsibly and be sure to enjoy every minute of it!

Until next time!


Ms Kay Marie