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Ms Kay Marie

Hi Everyone ~ hope this finds you well. Lately I have had several conversations with a few of my friends that are more, shall we say, undercover crossdressers and sissies. They are individuals with one identity in their daily lives and another in their hearts. And they are always looking for ways to bring more of their feminine side into their daily lives.So here’s a few things that we have shared.

Feeling All Girlie

There is nothing as girlie as a bra and panties.  Panties can be easy enough to wear under male underwear.  Shopping for a bras can be different.  A little while back I shared some Helpful Hints for Crossdressers. One of the most popular suggestions was trying a bralette. I am happy to report that many have found these to not only be sexy little things but very practical. They fit better, for most, yet have a the feel of satin and lace. And best of all, the can usually be worn quite discreetly under daily men’s wear.


Putting on a Pretty Face

Speaking of things that can be worn discreetly, make up is often a challenge. As a gal who doesn’t typically wear much make up on a day to day basis, you might not think I have much an opinion on the matter. Yet those of you who know me, know I have an opinion on everything – lol. The best sissy make up  for everyday I can suggest is a tinted moisturizer or BB cream. Either will provide the thrill of the morning beauty ritual, will be good for your skin with their SPF and moisturizers, and best yet, with the right shade, totally discreet.


Silky Sexy Legs

The last thing is a bit of clothing. Now, considering the time of year, I love to tell everyone to feed their stocking fetish! Wear them under your “man suit”. Try the new patterns, or tights or even opt for a pair of leggings. Regardless, don’t you just love the feel of them? They just make you feel sexy – instantly.


I would love to hear how you all get your girl on ~ when you can’t really get your girl on. And I’d like to hear if you try any of these.

Stay Sexy,

Ms Kay Marie