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When you think of a ruined orgasm, what comes to mind for you? There are many different ways to ruin an orgasm, and I’m curious about what your brain jumps to when I mention them.

A Ruined Orgasm Debate With A Caller

The reason I ask is, I had a call the other morning, and a debate started over what exactly a ruined orgasm is. To me, a ruined orgasm is just that–ruined. And by that, I mean, your dream of an orgasm is ruined. You don’t get to cum. You get no relief at all. You start to cum, and I pinch the head of your cock so that you can’t. No cumming at all.

Now, my caller had a different view of a ruined orgasm. He said that he would get to cum, would get some relief. It just wasn’t an earth-shattering orgasm. He basically just stopped stroking it at the point of orgasm, and the cum just dribbled out, disappointingly.

To me, that isn’t exactly a ruined orgasm. It’s just a disappointing one because he does get to cum using that method. The pressure inside is relieved. He just doesn’t have a good orgasm, but it is an orgasm, rather than a ruined one, in my book.

Different Methods Of Orgasm Ruination

So I started looking into it after our call was over. I did a little research and learned that there are many different ways to ruin a man’s orgasm. Some of them create a true ruined orgasm, while others just create a disappointing one. They’re technically called full and partial ruined orgasms.

Basically, my caller and I were differing in our orgasm ruination techniques. The method he was using is called abandoning. The one I like, which is smacking or pinching the head of the cock to prevent the orgasm from happening at all, is called scrunching or squelching. You learn something new every day!

But still, I maintain that a partial ruined orgasm, like my caller was describing, isn’t really a ruined orgasm. I prefer fully ruining them because the victim gets absolutely no release or relief whatsoever. And that’s what ruined orgasms mean to me.

Am I A Mean Mistress Now?

Anyway, my call with that guy and the ensuing research I did on the subject got me wondering: What do you guys consider a ruined orgasm? Is it sort of like those who think tease and delay is the same as tease and denial, provided the “delay” part goes on long enough? Am I in the minority here? Have I finally found the one thing that would make me count as a mean Mistress? LOL!

I mean, the truth is, my version of a ruined orgasm does include a little CBT. The squeeze (or the spanking) that you get from me in order to ruin your orgasm can be rather painful, especially since your cock is going to be extremely sensitive at that point.

What do you think? Have I earned my mean Mistress street cred here, or am I just a little strict about the definition of a ruined orgasm? And what’s your opinion on full and partial ruined orgasms? Do you consider both of them a “real” ruined orgasm or no? Drop me a comment or give me a call to tell me what you think. I would love to hear it because I am genuinely curious as to whether I’m in the minority here!

Until next time!


Ms Kay Marie