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Mistress Kay Marie can help you with your feminine wardrobe

Hi Everyone! What is the difference between cleaning out your feminine wardrobe and purging? All sissies, crossdressers and trans should clean out their feminine wardrobe about twice a year. I like to suggest this before the spring/summer seasons and again before the fall/winter seasons.  But before we get into what you should keep or get rid of, let’s first look at the difference between cleaning out your feminine wardrobe and purging. 

What does it mean to purge your feminine wardrobe? 

Just like the term implies, purging your feminine wardrobe means to get rid of everything. It’s that simple! I know many of my feminine friends, whether they call themselves a crossdresser, a sissy or transgender have at some point purged at least once. Most of the time this is done to get away from their feminine lifestyle. It is often out of fear, shame or this misguided belief of “out of sight out of mind”. Regardless of the reason, it is not something I think is ever a good thing. 

Why is cleaning out your feminine wardrobe a good thing? 

The first reason cleaning out your feminine wardrobe is a good thing is it makes room for more stuff! It doesn’t matter if you live a fem lifestyle openly or are an undercover sissy, we all are limited in space. We all need to go through our things and declutter. Now I am not going to say, hold each item and ask if it brings you joy or anything like that. If you haven’t worn something in a season or two,  if it no longer fits, if it’s not your style, if it’s stained & old (unless it’s your lucky shirt or fav pair of jeans ~ I will have mind until I die) or you can’t remember what you were thinking when you bought it (yes, we have all been there), get rid of it. I know for some who have purged in the past this can be very hard to do.  However, I assure you, this is a good thing and is not feminine clothes purging.  

What do you do once you have cleared out your feminine wardrobe? 

Before you go rushing out to the closest store or start ordering online, I want you to look at what you have. Do you need pieces to complete outfits? Maybe you realized you have way too many short black skirts but nothing red. We all tend to buy a favorite style over & over (for me it’s black leggings) but not enough things to go with them.  I live in a part of the country that has seasons, so that means we have overlapping seasons. How you dress in the morning might not work for the afternoon. With this in mind, I often have pieces I can wear several different ways and layers. Really take a look at what you have.  It will give you an idea of what you need. But keep in mind what you got rid of, so you know the pieces you wore a lot and the ones that still had the tags on. 

Now ~ you can go shopping!! Enjoy!! (and let me know if you find any good sales!) 

Until next time! 


Ms. Kay Marie