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You have just been to part one of my Halloween CFNM Party and now we continue

Up until a few minutes ago, you were really excited for this Halloween party. Now, you’re not so sure. You experienced your first ever CFNM humiliation scene, although not entirely by choice. You’re still reeling from that, and then bam! You get a chastity cage locked onto your cock, also not exactly by choice. What on earth are you supposed to do now?

Okay, be calm, you tell yourself. You take a couple of deep breaths to try to steady yourself a bit. It doesn’t help at all. You tug frantically at the cage–it must be a chastity cage!–on your dick, but it won’t come loose. In fact, it looks to be locked with a padlock. Oh, God, what are you going to do now? You’re naked and stuck in a chastity cage.

There’s Only One Thing Left To Do

As badly as you hate to admit it to yourself, you know there’s only one thing left to do. You’ve got to go try to find Ms. Kay Marie, let her know she’s made her point about the “no costumes” rule, and see if she’ll unlock you. Yes, that’s the sensible thing to do. The only problem is, it involves walking through a sea of people while totally naked, except for a chastity device. Fuck.

Your mind races as you try to come up with a better plan. But despite all you are thinking, you can’t come up with anything better. Oh, well, better go ahead and face the music and get this over with, then.

The Chastity Problem Compounds

You tiptoe quietly out of the back room and return to the party. Oddly enough, while you get a few curious glances, it doesn’t seem like everyone is just staring at you. Thank God for small favors, you suppose.

The crowd presses in around you. Suddenly, you realize why you’re not the center of attention here. You look up to see Femdoms with strap ons crowding in around you. Oh, no. This can’t be good.

Your heart descends to your feet when you see me in the middle of this group of strap on Femdoms. I’m standing slightly in front of everyone else. I smile broadly at you and give you a wink as I look down at your chastity cage. That’s when you know you’re really in for it now!

Strap Ons Really Set The Party Off Right!

I take your hand and lead you to a padded leather piece of furniture in the middle of my living room. In the back of your mind, you think it may be called a bondage horse or something like that? You can’t even think straight enough to balk at being led, you’re so embarrassed by your predicament. In moments, I have you bent over the horse and am feeding you my strap on.

My best friend comes up behind you and lubes up. You wiggle a little, knowing what’s coming, but you don’t actually resist. You’ve always wanted to be taken by a woman like this. You just never imagined it’d happen in the midst of a well-attended Halloween party! But you’re about to be spit-roasted by two beautiful women, so you don’t complain.

By the end of it, you’re exhausted, coated in sweat, and ready to crash into bed and sleep it all off. But you’re barely even halfway through the enchanted Enchantrix forest, so when I shoo you along after removing your device–and not letting you cum, by the way–you tiredly make your way out the door toward Ms. Lena’s section of the woods….

Enjoy yourself.

Until next time,


Ms Kay Marie

cfnm chastity party