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So you’ve just left Ms. Daphne’s post and arrived at my section of the enchanted Enchantrix forest. Come on in and see what’s in store for you.

You never know what you might get when you go trick-or-treating, especially at my house, and this year is no exception. Last year, I gave out homemade sweet treats that, after one bite, turned all the guys who ate them into sweet, pretty little girly sissy. You’re really hoping that this year, it won’t be more of that!

And lucky you, it won’t be. This year is equally as fun for me as last year was, though. You’ve shown up to my door, costume-less, to a party that requires a costume to enter. What will you do?

The Smoke That Makes Your Clothes Fall Off

You start to knock on the door, but suddenly, there’s a flash of smoke. When it clears, you see that you’re completely naked! Oh, no, how did that happen?

Well, I guess when you think about it, that took care of your no-costume problem. But do you really want your costume to be your birthday suit? You’ve always had secret CFNM–clothed female, naked male–fantasies, but you never quite thought they’d play out like this!

You move away from the door and stand near the edge of the porch, out of reach of the porch light and (hopefully) out of sight from anyone else who might show up. Then, you consider your options.

You have no idea how to get your clothes back. They seem to have completely disappeared in that puff of smoke. So you appear to be stuck in this naked condition, at least for now. So what to do?

CFNM Fantasies Come To Life

Your answer comes in the form of me opening the front door and peering out. I see you over there in the corner, trying to hide. But you’re not able to hide from me!

“Come on in,” I tell you. “The party has started without you.”

You’re very much loath to leave your corner of shame. Yes, there are those CFNM fantasies you have, but you thought they’d always remain in the realm of fantasy! You never had any idea they’d come to life, and certainly not like this.

But my tone brooks no disobedience, so you follow behind me a bit sheepishly when I beckon to you. I show you no mercy whatsoever, leading you directly through the busiest part of the party with all my friends in attendance. But soon, we arrive in an empty room in the back part of the houses, where I reach into a trunk and pull something out. What could it be?

“Here’s your treat,” I say, “and it should work pretty well as your costume, too.”

What Is This Strange Device?

You turn your “treat” over in your hands, pondering it, as I slip away back to the party. You don’t think you’ve ever seen anything like this before. Clearly, it’s not meant for eating, as it’s made of steel. Maybe it’s a puzzle or some kind of desktop game? You’re not sure.

But since you don’t have a costume and are currently in the middle of CFNM hell, you think you might as well give it a try. You fiddle with it, but can’t figure it out.

You must hit a secret button on it or something because all of a sudden, there’s another puff of smoke. You panic briefly, considering what happened last time smoke appeared like this. The “puzzle box” is attached to your cock with a lock! How in the world? And what kind of costume could this possibly be with just this cage on your cock?

You can tell this night is about to get crazy….

This story continues here tomorrow!

Until next time,


Ms Kay Marie

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