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Hi, everyone! Hope this finds you all well! I am playing a little catch up. Forgive the delay, here it is….More Q & A with Ms Kay!

  1. Pitchers and catchers have reported!  Almost time to hear “Play ball!”  Are you a baseball fan, Ms. KayMarie?  Who is your favorite team and who do you despise? If your team loses, are you inclined to punish a subby? I am a HUGE baseball fan. As much as I love football I can say baseball is my favorite sport. I am a diehard Indians fan. Despise?? Depends on the season ~although I have been known to hold a grudge. Am I inclined to punish a sub if they lose? Well, I have been – lol.
  2. What is your favorite sex toy and why?  Do you only use it alone or do you prefer to use it with a boy toy? This is a tough one. Honestly, it depends on my mood. I would have to say my hitachi. It’s pretty much always plugged in! It is also one of those toys I love to use solo, with my partner and frankly – on my partner. (Guys – I’m telling you, if you never used a wand on yourself, you are missing out!)
  3. I heard through the sissy grapevine you are taking the next few days off for a spa retreat.  What are some of your favorite things to do?  Facial?  Mud bath?  I have never been and am quite intimidated on what to try. Yes – I did take a little bit of “me time” ~ I can’t wait to tell you all about it! As far as my favorite spa treatment ~ pedicures. I get one every other week. Although, I am long over due for a massage!  I also get waxed regularly. Even if you are an undercover sissy, you can get away with a mani/pedi ~ it can be very metrosexual. 
  4. Do you like spanking? If you do, do you prefer to be the spankee or the spanker? And, if you do like to spank, what is your favorite implement? I love spankings – giving and receiving!! (really I do) If it is my bare ass exposed, I prefer a bare hand ~ a firm hand! If I am spanking, I like a wooden spoon.

Thanks for your questions. Keep them coming! I’ll be back next week with more answers!

Until next time!
Ms. Kay Marie

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