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Mistress Talks About a Little Q & A


Ms. Kay answers your questions about phone sex and more!

Mistress Kay Marie

You Phone Sex Questions and More Answered

Hi Everyone! Hope this finds you all well and your year off to a great start. In keeping with new things for the new year, I am starting a weekly feature on my blog ~ Q & A with Ms Kay. You can ask me anything about anything. (Kind of like my radio show) You can post your questions on EE or email them to Each week I will answer a few of them here.

Let’s get started!
When you do a 2 mistress call, are you and the other mistress typically both dominant?  Do you prefer to be dominant or will you submit as well?  What are your favorite fantasies to play out during 2 mistress calls?
I like this question. Simply ~ it really does depend. It depends on both the caller and the other mistress. I can say I have been both and have enjoyed both. My good friend, Ms Delia and I have had all sorts of fun and I have been fortunate enough to be tied up by the ever sexy Ms Lily.

I love fucking melons and would love for you to watch me on cam.  I am REALLY nervous to do it, though, and am afraid I wouldn’t be able to keep my erection.  Any advice for staying relaxed? And, do you even  like watching dudes screw melons?
I LOVE FOOD PLAY!! And I love watching guys fuck melons – lol! The best way to get over the nerves of being on cam or anything is to be comfortable with what you are doing and who you are doing it with. I wrote a post awhile back about watching a guy put on one hell of a Skype show for me ~ I love to watch. Any chance you’d consider a jar of peanut butter too????

Mistress, viewing your pics, you seem to take care of yourself.  You look quite fit.  Do you workout?  What are your favorite types of workouts?  Do you have a special diet?  I am a sissy and would LOVE to look as sexy as you do!
First of all, thank you! I truly appreciate it. I do workout. I always have been active and have exercised regularly. However, last year I have been getting into more serious weight training and I love it! When I relocated I joined a new club and it is amazing. I love pushing myself. As far as a special diet~ I do not have one. I do not agree with fade diets or trendy “it” ways to eat. For the most part, I eat a healthy and balanced (I do tend to eat more or less depending on my workout schedule) But I don’t deny myself ~ I am a Mistress after all – lol (drink lots of water too!!)

Keep your questions coming. And if I am asked something on a call or when I am in chat during my radio show, I will be sure to share it.

Until next time!
Hugs, Ms. Kay Marie

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