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Happy Steak & Blow Job Day

Celebrate with Steak and a Blow Job

Happy Steak and Blow Job Day! I have to admit something. It slipped
my mind until yesterday. Someone mentioned it in the chat room while I was doing my show on Cock Radio. See in my house, any day can be Steak and Blow Job Day, and I had already one this week. After a long weekend of traveling, I wanted a home cooked meal and to be taken care of ~, and that is exactly what I got. Now, you know I love to suck cock as much as anyone, but the other night was all about me. Check out the meal I had, that was prepared while I sat on the sofa reading my magazine. Then afterward, I leaned back and sipped my wine while he went down and worshipped my pussy. I will say, of all the skills the man has, cooking and body worshipping are two of my favorites.


                           How do You Celebrate

Ms. KayMarie celebrates Steak & Blow Job Day her way!

How do you celebrate?

So, how do the rest of you spend your S & BJ Day? Now, I know some of you would like to come home to woman like me, but I also know that some of you would skip the steak! But what about you cock suckers? Oh, I haven’t forgotten about you. You need to get out there and give as many blow jobs as you can. Should be easy enough, there’s never a shortage of guys that want their dicks sucked! Will get plenty to eat with all  those loads of cum. You can get a steak anytime!

And, one more thing, don’t feel bad for the man. I am quite the cook, and he gets his dick sucked all the time!

Until next time!

Ms. Kay Marie

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